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She's just like us!
We always see Heart Evangelista in high heels. Her OOTDs are never complete without a pair of towering shoes, even when she travels.In her closet tour video, she explained her obsession with high heels: "Because I'm 5'2!"
We love everything about her new candid vlog ep!
We're loving Heart Evangelista's new vlog episode, where she reacts to people's assumptions about her and sets the record straight. Here's what we found out: No, she never goes out of the house without
Tapilok-proof tips right here!
High heels: Some girls can wear them, but only a few can pose gracefully in them. Take your cue from actress and style icon Heart Evangelista for these tapilok-proof tips:If you're wearing nude heels like Heart, you can
What are Heart's wardrobe staples?
If you've caught yourself scrolling through Heart Evangelista's Instagram (and liking every pic she posts, no shame) or thanking the style gods that she finally has her own vlog on YouTube, we don't blame you-she&#
Perfect for every day!
Stop traffic in these ultra-flattering, barely-there pairs. From pointy-toe to chunky soles, these nude heels promise you mile-long legs with minimal effort.What tiis ganda? Low-heeled and stacked are the answer to added height, minus the back
She's basically balancing on sculptures.
While you were happy crying over Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato's adorable red carpet reunion, I was busy hyperventilating over Selena's feet.JUST LOOK AT THOSE SHOES!It's like a sculpture under each heel! And what
It's high time this order was issued.
On August 25, Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Secretary Silvestre Bello III signed an order that prohibits employers from forcing their female workers to wear high heels. The order, which covers all industries, was spawned by the complaints of various labor
'Apart from the pain, working women also complain of injury after slipping, falling, and tripping with high-heeled shoes on. This must be stopped.'
It's a color that's subjective, after all.
How's this for inclusivity? Christian Louboutin just expanded his Nude collection by adding party-ready heeled sandals to the mix!If you can remember, the French footwear maestro known for his red-soled shoes launched a line of ballet flats in
Get your rulers ready!
We *live* for helpful hacks, especially where high heels are involved. Seriously, we won't think twice about trying something out, if it means we can walk more comfortably in heels. So when we came across this tip proposed by Kelly, who
Plus, spoiler alert: They aren't made to be comfy.
In the world of fashion, Christian Louboutin's signature red soles are a status symbol, much like Chanel's interlocking Cs or Goyard's chevron pattern. At award shows and movie premieres, celebrities teeter in the brand's
Make an entrance in these.
We love sneakers as much as you do-we even wholeheartedly suggest wearing them to parties-but we also understand the impact a pair of high heels can make. Besides, if there's ever a perfect time for tiis ganda, it might
Who can forget the platform pumps of the early 2000s?
It's always fascinating to see how fashion evolves as time goes by. We've seen the swimsuits and handbags our lolas and moms loved in their youth, and we've also been inspired by the engagement rings and wedding dresses from
We also found her exact pair, plus more affordable options!
If you think twinning with your bae is as far as you can go when it comes to coordinating your fashion with another living, breathing human being, think again! Gigi Hadid just proved that getting all matchy matchy with your friend is
Walk tall in these leg-lengthening pairs.
1. Nude ankle-strap heels Find a chic pair in a shade that disappears into your skin, and watch it fake the illusion of Kendall Jenner-esque legs. This particular style also goes with everything! Ankle-strap heels, P1,299, So Fab!
Work it!
Instagram/aldo_shoesHeels on fleek! Wear the pair that suits your job requirements for the day and show the world how a true CG gets things done-in style, obvs. Our favorite local fashion bloggers show us how: 1. The Corporate Slayer Because
Those red stilettos are DEADLY.
Talk about taking the term "killer heels" to an entirely new level!In October 2014, Shadiya Omar, a student from the UK, used her Christian Louboutin heel as a weapon against Justin Lloyd, after the argument Lloyd and Omar's friend were
Here's how to walk in them for a maximum comfort and minimum pain situation!
Let's face it, we have a love hate relationship with high heels because they look so dreamy, but THEY HURT SO MUCH. (All these feelings put wonderfully into words right here).So, we spoke to Sargossa's Nanna Liv-the lady
They're beautiful, but you should never feel like have to wear them if you don't really want to.
High heels are great and all, but they are not for everyone, and the idea that you have to wear them to look professional, sexy, tall, polished, or whatever else, is total bullshit. It's a myth most often perpetuated by people