Where it all began...
Kim Kardashian went to her 20th high school reunion and took a bunch of pictures and video and then shared it all with us because she's a true goddess for real. Let's dive in!OK, first up, you
'I just couldn't see it, you know?'
Even celebrities with all the money in the world get FOMO every once in a while. In a preview clip for her new reality show, Life of Kylie, Kylie Jenner talked about how sad it was for her to see all her
There's a new prom queen in town.
It's prom season, and Kylie Jenner is here to paaaartaaaay!On Saturday night, the youngest Jenner showed up at Rio Americano High School in Sacramento to accompany a junior named Albert Ochoa to prom. Teens all over California's capital shared
Clearly, she didn't have an awkward phase.
While most of us dread posting almost anything from our high school days (Braces! Glasses! The horror!), Ellen Adarna doesn't. As expected.Our March Cosmo cover girl shared with her 2.1 million IG followers just how gorgeous she looked in
When you think about it, though, it's not that bad at all.
Almost all girls dream of getting married. Watching couples meet and fall in love in romantic comedy films shows you a perfect picture of what love should look like; however, some will find out later in life that it isn't always
To you, with love.
It's been seven years since senior year of high school and it feels like it all happened yesterday. So why am I writing this? I think it's because I never said my piece. Or more importantly, all of you never
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