Another '90s trend is back!
Survey says '90s trends will always be cool. In a year-ender report, Pinterest said that styles from this ~glorious~ decade will resurface, and boy oh boy, it was right! Scrunchies, brown lippies, and snap clips are all over Instagram RN.
Don't worry—we got an actual colorist to talk you through it.
Look, in the grand scheme of things, I know it doesn't really matter that my roots are growing in right now (like, at all). But considering I have to look at myself on about eight billion Zoom calls every day,
BRB, just booking a perm.
If, like us, you find yourself stuck in a hairstyle rut, may we suggest you look to the one and only Selena Gomez for inspiration?It was only back in January that Selena brought back one of our favorite '00s hair
Spoiler: They're both really freaking pretty.
TBH, the first time I heard my colorist use the word "lowlights," I assumed it was just an insider-y name for highlights. In reality? Lowlights and highlights are two very different techniques and, even though they're often used interchangeably,
Somewhere along the way, ombré hair got a questionable reputation. Like, between the streaky hair color craze of the early 2000s and the celeb endorsement of bold, not-at-all blended highlights, ombré quickly became an example of what not to do
Screenshot your faves here!
Our K-pop idols are great sources of inspiration, especially with hair! They can be daring or classic, but always on point. So, we decided to pick our fave girls (which was v hard, tbh) as hair color pegs you can show
It's like the 2000s never went away.
One of the hairstyles from the '00s that always make us feel ~*nostalgic*~ are chunky highlights. You know, the one where Jessica Simpson and Kelly Clarkson would have bright blonde strips of hair mixed into dark brown tresses to create a
It's been three long years since the last Bench Body fashion show, and November 18's 30th anniversary spectacle, "Under The Stars," was definitely worth the wait. The Mall of Asia Arena went wild as a slew of international
With the re-release of new Sailor Moon lipsticks plus a talented beauty guru recreating all the looks of the Sailor Scouts, it seems like everyone's favorite '90s cartoon, Sailor Moon, is having a bit of a revival thanks to its
Cue in the nostalgia.
It was an outstanding reign for Pia Wurtzbach, our very own Miss Universe 2015. Although she started off with a controversial pageant win (lookin' at you, Steve Harvey), Pia carried on being "confidently beautiful with a heart." Because we'll miss her
Even amid the curtain of darkness that was 2016 (and let's really try not to speak of it again, OK?), a few bright spots shone through. In many cases, that was thanks to James Corden's Late Late Show and the
Aka, how to look like Gigi Hadid.
Ever since strobing was declared as the makeup trend of the century, we've been obsessing over how to ace it properly. Because while it's much more forgiving than contouring, having too much fun with highlighting can leave one looking like
Highlighting is one of the easiest ways to fake a glow, even when your skin isn't at its best shape. We've been taught to only apply highlighter on the areas of the face where the sun would naturally hit: the
Enhance your face shape with the colors of your strands.
Just when you thought there was literally nothing left to contour, people have figured out how to contour hair. ​Contouring and highlighting, terms most commonly used when talking about makeup, are the of-the-moment techniques used to enhance your features. Depending
Get a cut, full head color, and highlights in one rockin' package! PLUS: Win a GC to SNAG the look!
Where To GoVisit Acqua Salon at 2/F, Mindanao Wing, TriNoma Mall (916-7558).Choose Your Hair PersonalityFor its anniversary treat, Acqua Salon offers several packages to give your hair the glam new look it deserves: Princess, Diva, Rock Star, and Goddess.
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