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'Went hiking for the first time ever here in the Philippines.'
Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil just went hiking in Laguna, and it looks like they loved every minute of the experience. "Went hiking for the first time ever here in the Philippines," Liza wrote in an IG post, featuring a collage of
It seems like hiking really is their yearly tradition!
Earlier this week, James Reid posted several videos of himself during a hiking trip with friends, and eagle-eyed fans spotted Nadine Lustre among them, of course! Rumors that the pair had gotten back together circulated on January 1, 2021, but James
Fires damaged 650 hectares of forest.
Bare mountains are not an unusual sight in the Philippines-but it looks like we've recently lost even more trees than we can afford to. Mt. Pulag has been declared off-limits to trekkers after fires damaged around 650 hectares
Everything is nice and sunny in Brazil!
JaDine is on a break-a beach break, that is.On Instagram Stories, James Reid and Nadine Lustre posted updates that they're soaking up the sun in Brazil's famous Copacabana Beach. James shared a video of Nadine looking relaxed in
The caption was everything.
James Reid just posted an Instagram photo of him and Nadine Lustre together from a recent hiking trip.The photo featured them sitting side by side, with their backs facing the camera. "I've come to understand that what we're looking
I mean, exes don't usually go on hikes with each other...right?
In a recent Instagram Story, Nadine Lustre said that a news report about her breakup with BF James Reid was NOT TRUE, and people are loving how *unbothered* the two of them are about all this! James and Nadine are still been
His photos are surreal!
Ian Veneracion is known not just for his good looks and acting chops, but also his unique adventures and hobbies such as riding big bikes.Adding to his adventurous repertoire, the actor scaled the Nepalese side of the Himalayan mountains over the
Instead of hanging out in malls on her days off, Liza Avelino prefers to go mountain climbing!
A Pinay maid who's been a domestic worker in Hong Kong for over two decades made headlines after she successfully climbed the highest mountain in Africa in August. According to Liza Avelino, she has been planning to visit Tanzania to conquer
'It's possible to still have fun—even if it could feel like a near-death experience.'
As anyone on Facebook knows, the Masungi Georeserve went viral in 2015, and it was next to impossible to book an appointment for months. Lucky for me, I have a cousin who likes to plan in advance, and last November, I finally
Girl's a pro.
Anyone who's a fan of Solenn Heussaff is probably familiar with her grueling gym sessions, but even Solenn knows that the key to fitness is variety. You can't let your body get used to the same workouts, otherwise you'll
Unplug and connect with nature at Masungi Georeserve.
It's time to add one more thing to your bucket list, CGs! You know that giant hammock you've been seeing all over social media lately? That's part of Masungi Georeserve's nature trail!"Masungi" is derived from the word "
Enjoy a 360 degree view of Cavite and Batangas at the summit.
Batulao came from the words batong dilaw; this is because the mountain turns yellow or gold during sunrise. Though definitely beginner-friendly, Batulao also has its challenging stages. Let's just say, you might have to hug the mountain a couple of