Naughty and raunchy text messages are an integral part of every relationship.
Here's the thing: No guy in his right mind would ever refuse to engage in a dirty conversation, be it with a lover or a mere prospect. So stop being awkward about it! If you're planning to seduce your man
Did we say "secret?" No, guys are actually proud.
Girly things are for girls, which is why they're called, you know, girly-but the great secret is that they could be for men, too. Guys aren't even conscious about doing it, which makes us wonder why they were tagged
Your man will do pretty much anything for you, but there are a few things he secretly hates doing.
Whether it's changing a flat or reaching for something on a high shelf, doing favors for you makes men feel useful and strong. Although we like it when you make us feel that way, the line has to be drawn somewhere.
Some guys are attracted to athletic girls. But if you're not an active chick, would it really matter to them that you don't play sports? These hotties tell all.
Party-goers were able to experience a different kind of festivity to slowly bid summer goodbye, as Adidas Originals held the Originals Street Party at Venice Piazza Mall Open Park in McKinley Hill, Bonifacio Global City recently. It was a night of
At a summer event, Cosmo caught up with these cuties to find out what part of your body draws their attention when you're wearing <em>that</em> two-piece.
Cosmo asked one of the country's former heartthrobs to spill how he knew Juday is the one he'll spend the rest of his life with.
Hesitating on chopping your locks off? Find out if Pinoy men really like your hair long.
We've always had this notion that men find it more attractive when a woman has long hair. Maybe because it's more traditional and feminine to some, or it's a sign of good health to others, hence more attractive
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