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I dug deep, friends.
Hey, congratulations, I hear you have a new boyfriend! But before your relationship with To All the Boys I've Loved Before star Noah Centineo gets *too* serious, we should probably do the obligatory deep-dive into his past relationships. Because
Because history can be addicting, too.
South Korea has a rich and vibrant history that dates back centuries, so it's no surprise that K-dramas are filled with colorful and interesting historical stories-also known as sageuk. They tend to be quite lengthy and detailed, but
Remembering comfort women is important.
The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) recently questioned the erection of a statue of a comfort woman in Manila, saying that it made Japan uncomfortable. Apparently, the statue made Japan so uncomfortable, Yokohama's sister cityhood with Manila might be at stake.
You have a lot to look forward to.
It's a common belief that the beginning of a relationship is when the sex is best: hot, spontaneous, and nonstop. After those initial sparks, it's all downhill from there, even if you love each other, right? The picture, it turns
'I've dated women who criticized me for not being man enough, for not having slept around more.'
Ever wondered how many people the men in your life have slept with? It's something we've thought about but don't ask outright-more so if the man in question is your boyfriend, in which case the fear that he
Where do you stand on fruitcake?
When it comes to fruitcake, there are only two types of people: those who wish it was popular all 365 days of the year, and those who genuinely wonder how a cake can be so revolting. Either way, it's December, and