From juggling, fingerboarding, to mixing cocktails.
We know, we know. Articles have been telling us to not feel pressured about quarantine-inspired productivity, which cited Isaac Newton's groundbreaking work on calculus and physics while in isolation during the Great Plague of London in 1665. But let&#
Video producer Shin Francisco talks about her camera collection.
How many times have you tried talking yourself out of a purchase only to walk out of a store with a brand new ~*baby*~ to add to your growing collection? When it comes to the things we're passionate about, we
A tech blackout might just be exactly what you need right now.
Nobody appreciates the digital world more than we do, but even we can admit that it's good to take a break from staring at a screen all day. Journaling is something you can do as an alternative. Most people think journaling
Becoming smart can be loads of fun, too!
You can improve your cognitive skills precisely because they are a skill-an ability you acquire or sustain by making the effort. Cognitive skills include being able to learn, understand, remember, and use information, and that's essentially what being smart is
Stuck at home? No problem.
Rainy days getting you down? Don't fret; there's more to staying home than lying in bed the whole day (although that actually sounds appealing). Here, some quick tips to bust boredom.1. Give your room a budget makeover.With some
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