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No joke, these looks are about to be EVERYWHERE.
IDK about you, but one of my favorite things about the changing seasons is that it gives me a chance to switch up my nail look. Like, matching my manicure to my favorite fuzzy sweater? Um, yes pls. So to get y&#
'Tis the season to be fancy.
Okay, before you say that we wrote this piece too early, hear us out first. It is an unwritten rule that once September hits, it's already the start of the holiday season here in the Philippines. We're nearing
Unless, of course, you don't want to.
At the time of writing this, it is December 13, which means the most popular day of the year to break up (December 11, apparently) has passed. But that does not mean everyone is through the relationship wilderness that is breakup season.
Hanging out with relatives isn't always stress-free. Here's how to cope.
While traveling home to spend time with your relatives at Christmas might be super exciting for many people, others totally dread it. Being stuffed into a small space with your family can be the perfect environment to create high-running emotions and
Santa, please grant our wish!
If you have been coveting a number of game-changing beauty tools this year, now is the perfect time to *subtly* ask for them! Who knows, Santa might actually grant your wish on Christmas Eve. ;)BYS Konjac Sponge, P299, ZaloraHuman Nature Pore
All I want for Christmas is for Mariah Carey to never stop making holiday hits.
It's finally December! 2016 is almost over, friends! Let's celebrate!Billboard magazine (via Hello Giggles!) figured out the top-selling holiday songs of all time, and compiled them so we can dance along as we deck the Christmas tree.They
KathNiel, Maine, Heart, Liz, and BJ all hit up the Land of the Rising Sun.
It seems like every major celeb left Manila during the holidays and escaped to the cool and oh-so-fashionable destination, Japan.These celebs filled our IG feeds with their lustful winter outfits and the most mouthwatering Japanese food that made us
Ward off the sadness and anxiety that come along in December.
Worried that your Christmas blues are getting out of hand? First, we offer you a reassuring thought: It's normal to feel blah and less Christmas-y than others. For one, not everyone is in a picture-perfect holiday sitch-you may
As if having flaky skin and sun-damaged hair weren't enough!
1. Snow-blindnessSymptoms: A burning and stinging sensation in the eyes, along with photophobia, blurred vision, and tearing.Causes: Staying all day at the beach exposes your skin and eyes to the elements. A study by the National Eye Institute in the
Your hot cocoa looks like a cup o' crap with some teeth floating in it.
First off, don't hate. These are things we ALL do. I do it, you do it, and our great grandkids will probably do it. (Using computers implanted in their brains by our Alien overlords.) That said, we must never stop with
Some people stayed home with their families, while others went out to party with friends on NYE. Find out who was with these party boys when 2012 arrived.
The eves of both Christmas and New Year used to be spent only with family. But, apparently, not anymore. With more and more parties being held around the metro around NYE, people tend to spend that time partying with more people than
Christmas is in the air this month, as a new spectacle for the whole family opens at Ayala Triangle Gardens.
In the Philippines, Christmas season starts as soon as September hits, the first of what we fondly call the "-ber" months. But, for many of us, even with all the early Christmas sales and jingles that pop up wherever we go, it
You and your guy don't have to venture far to unwind this upcoming long weekend or holiday season. Pack your bags and head to a hotel that is perfect for a relaxing weekend <i>in the city.</i>
Do you crave some R&R with your man without having to take that long road trip or flight--especially in such unpredictable weather? Why don't you just book a room in a hotel and relish the luxury of alone time
Cash-strapped this season? Our Style & Beauty columnist reminds us how the best things in life--like enjoying the holidays with loved ones--really DO come for free.
A merry Cosmo holiday to all you fash ladies! It's been a packed year of joy-smacking, panty-dropping, fashion-swarming, beauty-loving, money-saving (or was it?!), and drama-surviving of whos, whats, whys, and what the "bleep" were they
For last-minute holiday shopping, be it for yourself or for your fashion-loving loved ones, you can't go wrong with pieces inspired by the National Artist for Fashion.
As much as we would love to own fashionable pieces with unique, intricate details--think elegant vintage with elaborate beadwork and embroidery--we believe we can only get them from designers that charge such a steep price and from brands whose names
For all the upcoming Christmas parties you will attend, stand out in bold hues that characterize this season's trendiest makeup.
Getting all dolled up is part of every Cosmo chick's routine--especially when it's party season, like the fast-approaching Christmas season. It's fun to try out different looks so you will look fabulously unique for every