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Christmas is only a few weeks away and I'm pretty sure we're all looking forward to celebrating it with our friends and fam, whether virtually or IRL. After all, it has been one ~intense~ year, amirite? Aside from
For anyone who's already in the mood to decorate for the holidays.
Celebrities like Marjorie Barretto and Kathryn Bernardo have been getting in the holiday spirit by putting up their Christmas decorations. And while an elaborate setup is no doubt gorgeous, we understand that some people may want to keep thing simple this year.
Trust me: If Bridget Jones can, you can too.
Being single around the holidays can be tough-especially when you don't have anyone around for cuffing season. But FWIW: Being single during the holiday szn can also be low-key great. I mean, what better time to fall in
Yes, you can go for seconds.
Ah, the holiday season in Philippines-nothing quite like it. Have you mentally prepared for all of your titas asking you when you're going to get an S.O., how your job is going, or if you put on weight?
Someone, we beg of you, invent a drinking game around this, kthx.
Heading into the home stretch of Peak Holiday Movie Season, you've come to expect certain things in your viewings of Netflix, Hallmark, and Lifetime Christmas movies. No, I don't just mean all your fave staple holiday movie actors (
Praying for their reconciliation in 2020.
You know, I was starting to think that my 2019 was going to end on a low note before the new decade, but luckily my pessimistic self is wrong today! Suddenly, I am full of the holiday spirit because former Hollywood exes-
We never heard of it before!
On November 4, 2019, NARS Cosmetics unveiled its Studio 54 Holiday Collection in the Philippines. The whole line is all about glitter and decadence, to represent the sparkling scene of the once famed disco of the '70s. It features lipsticks, eye
Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto shared the announcement on Twitter.
Going home to the province for the holidays? Starting at 3 pm today, October 31, commuters can get free bus rides to public transport terminals from Pasig City Hall. Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto shared the announcement on Twitter yesterday. Check out the
A film about love? More like SORROW AND DEVASTATION.
Considering Love Actually is supposed to be a movie about love, it actually contains a whole lot of heartbreak. Well for the humble viewer it does, anyway. We've rounded up the 10 of the most wobbly moments in our favorite
Nobody wants a boring gift.
Fashion gifts are a no-fail way to make your girl friends kilig. Here, a roundup of stylish gift suggestions for the women on your list:Here's an eco-friendly way to support your friend's ~wise~ shopping habits: reusable totes
She's the first *unofficial* spouse to spend the holiday with the royal family.
It's no secret Meghan Markle has been breaking royal protocol ever since she and Prince Harry started dating a year and a half ago (from the couple's initial PDA to Markle gracing a national magazine cover). In the
So adorable!
Celebrity couple Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano sure know how to make their first-born son, Seve, more gigil-worthy by turning him into an adorable holiday baby. Toni, being the proud mom that she is, shared photos of Baby Seve in
BRB, cringing forever.
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Going on a holiday boosts your sex drive. Hell yeah.
Going on holiday is good for the soul, but there are lots of other positive benefits that come after going on a vacation.Travel site Expedia surveyed a group of 31 million Brits to determine why going on holiday really is nature'
This reaction vid is just the cutest ever! #NadineForCosmo
The holidays are over and Nadine Lustre knows EXACTLY how WE feel! From gaining weight over the break to spending all our money on god-knows-what, watch this super adorbs reaction vid of our January Cosmo cover girl!*** Read your Cosmo
Ward off the sadness and anxiety that come along in December.
Worried that your Christmas blues are getting out of hand? First, we offer you a reassuring thought: It's normal to feel blah and less Christmas-y than others. For one, not everyone is in a picture-perfect holiday sitch-you may
Your hot cocoa looks like a cup o' crap with some teeth floating in it.
First off, don't hate. These are things we ALL do. I do it, you do it, and our great grandkids will probably do it. (Using computers implanted in their brains by our Alien overlords.) That said, we must never stop with
Why not gift yourself with a hotter sex life in this season of giving? There's no harm in adding a little more ho-ho-ho to the holidays! Remember, when it comes to bedroom shenanigans, it's always better to be
For the best holiday R&R.
It's that time of the year again when bellies are fuller, hearts are happier, and we have days off to take an actual vacation. We give you our go-to places this season, based on the weather in each location. If