He returned $135.80 at the box office for every $1 he was paid.
Captain America star Chris Evans has maintained his crown as the Best Actor for the Buck in Hollywood.The Avengers actor landed atop the annual Forbes list in 2015, and he is continuing to dominate the competition this year as the most
Who did it better: Keira or Meg Ryan?
We'll have whatever Keira Knightley is having in this clip. The British actress recreated Meg Ryan's iconic orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally in this short film for vanityfair.com Also making a cameo in the video are Tom
In another life, perhaps.
Okay, don't get us wrong; we would never cheat on our boyfriends, EVER. But if Ryan Gosling or Zac Efron suddenly walked into our lives and wanted to kiss us, well, we're sure our boyfies would understand. It's not
Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are "taking time apart to evaluate their marriage" in a bid to try and save their relationship.
Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are "taking time apart to evaluate their marriage."The two, who have not been photographed together since April, have decided to separate after 13 years of marriage in order to work through their issues and hopefully
Despite her recent album <i>MDNA</i> being a commercial flop, Madonna has topped <i>Forbes</i> magazine's Highest Earning Celebrities list for 2013.
Madonna has topped Forbes magazine's list of Highest Earning Celebrities for 2013.The "Material Girl" hitmaker was named number one in the annual rich list despite her most recent album MDNA being a commercial flop, with sales of under one million,
Harry Styles won't complain if Taylor Swift writes a song about their brief relationship because she is such a good songwriter.
Harry Styles doesn't mind if Taylor Swift writes a song about him.The pair enjoyed a brief fling last year and Harry isn't worried about Taylor, 23, using their relationship as inspiration for her music because she is such a
Miley Cyrus is going to wear her short locks in the same style as Madonna's '80s curly crop while she grows out her hair.
Miley Cyrus is growing out her hair to look like Madonna.The 20-year-old singer plans to copy the same curly crop the pop superstar sported on her self-titled 1983 debut album cover while she grows out her peroxide pixie
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