They're not your ordinary desk lamps.
Pulling all-nighters isn't exactly healthy, but with work assignments constantly piling on top of each other, staying up all night sometimes can't be helped. Sitting in front of your screen for a long period of time is
Perfect for your dainty aesthetic!
If you're obsessed with all things floral, we found an IG shop will make your dainty, flowery aesthetic dreams come true. Feast your eyes on Studio Jilbi's gorgeous resin pieces!MORE RESIN FINDS HERE:Studio Jilbi's
Many of them feature funny hand-painted faces!
The ongoing quarantine period in Metro Manila has quickly turned into the golden age of small online businesses. These days, everything from clothing to baked goods to home decor can easily be found with a quick search on Instagram or Facebook. It
NGL, they're pretty, too!
If you've grown more and more obsessed with stylish decor and handy organizers for sprucing up your home amidst all the time you've spent indoors this year, don't worry because you're not alone. We
These will help you relax and rejuvenate!
So you've decluttered, organized, and decorated your space. Good job! You probably feel like a brand-new person who's got their life together. If you're still looking for ways to elevate your living space, we know
We love how she was able to maximize her space!
Influencer Ry Velasco has been sharing teasers of her house renovation for months, uploading bits and pieces in between her hauls and regular vlogs. But over the weekend, her most awaited video is finally up-her official room tour!CAN'T
Five shops that'll let you achieve an elegant yet simple space.
So you've decluttered and sorted out all your things at home. The next step now is upgrading your accessories to fit your new vibe. Mind you, you don't really need much to do so. If you're
We need them all, TBH.
Hello, and welcome to another edition of us enabling you to buy more cute and #aesthetic home decor! If you're looking for stuff to further spruce up your room, you have clicked the *right* article. As we were scrolling through
Looking for a sweet, thoughtful gift?
In line with today's fascination with all things retro, time is also turning back when it comes to decor. Turntables, for one, are a popular nostalgic piece that remains to be a top buy among many. Local shop Ben and
We can't wait for the final reveal of her condo!
If you check our YouTube watch histories, you'll find that we consume a lot of ~space makeover~ content. One of the redecorating series we're tuned into is Ashley Garcia's, who is currently revamping her condo. So
There's a boa constrictor one, too!
Antoine de Saint-Exupery's The Little Prince has a timeless charm that people both young and old can relate to, so we wouldn't be surprised if you've got a few The Little Prince-themed things as
They're super Instagrammable!
When you're mostly staying indoors, you can't help but think of things you can do to improve inside the house. Some are into decluttering and organizing, while others are into decorating their homes. If you belong to the
*Takes down notes.*
One of the space makeovers we're keeping tabs is that of Ashley Garcia, who's currently in the process of redecorating her condo. ICYDK, she's going for a neotenic design, which is minimalism's ~softer~ side.
Make your dinner table look extra interesting!
Minimalist tableware seems to be the trend these days but if you want to break the mold and have your food photos stand out, you might want to consider adding pops of prints and color to your tablescape. We stumbled upon a
Perfect for people who are in love with this color!
Can't get enough of pink? We already showed you where you can shop pink gadget accessories and pink baking tools, but in case you were looking for more places where you can score pretty pink finds, we stumbled upon an
In case you didn't know, wallpapers are a fun and durable alternative to painting an accent wall!
Are you in the middle of a home renovation? Perhaps you're deciding which furniture to buy or which aesthetic decor to put where. In case you're looking for a quick room refresh, the folks over at Tanaw Studio
Give your plain planters a subtle upgrade.
If you can spruce up your walls with line art prints, you can absolutely do the same with your indoor garden. Conveniently, plant pots decorated with different kinds of line art are becoming more popular online, so you can easily level up
Just shut up and take our money!
Asahi Home Appliances Philippines has been on a roll, constantly making us want to shop for new things to add to our homes. Their Asahi Aesthetic Designs series in particular has us giddily planning to redecorate every corner, especially with their new
Add these cute cups to your collection!
If you're having an #aesthetic drinkware phase (aren't we all?), here's something you wouldn't be able to resist: Local online shop Every Inch has some pretty cute transparent cups that feature minimalist designs and
She scored them from Muji, Lazada, and SM!
One of the room makeovers we're currently ~invested~ in is that of Rei Germar's space in their family house in Bulacan. So far, she has spilled the deets of its design (courtesy of Tanaw Studio) and shared some
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