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You've got to see the before and after photos!
Some time during the start of the year, aside from your resolutions, you've probably made it a goal to give your room a fresh start. Whether it be adding indoor plants or getting rid of things that no longer *spark
Check out how the progress of the store's construction is going!
In November 2020, IKEA Philippines' market development manager Georg Platzer announced-while appearing on online talk show Tito'Clock-that IKEA would officially be opening their e-commerce store in July of this year with the actual store opening nine
She said it's currently her favorite place in her entire house.
Whenever I have free time, one of the things I like to do is watch home improvement videos. I'm always so amazed at how a simple room can ~transform~ into a beautiful space. Most of the time, after watching these
'Iniisip ko pa lang yung room ko, nare-relax na ako. Best feeling ever!'
Now more than ever, it's important to keep your mental health in check. We all have our own ways on how to do this. For some, it could be through discovering new hobbies, taking care of plants, and even alotting
Get to know the story behind this thriving online community.
From an Instagram page describing her own home improvement journey, Frances Lim Cabatuando is now inspiring over a million Filipinos with Home Buddies-a Facebook community dedicated to refining living spaces.Born in September 2020 as the country was settling into COVID-
Easy and budget-friendly hacks, right this way.
Home improvement projects know no season! And if you're reading this, you're probably looking into changing at least your room, aka your sanctuary. It's so easy to be pressured by the photos you see online, but
So you can finally start redecorating your room!
Decluttering can be an overwhelming task. There are times when get discouraged to do it because we get tired just by thinking of it. Since regular spring cleaning has to be done to keep your place neat and orderly, we created this
*Literally* add life to your favorite spaces.
If you clicked to read this article, chances are, the thought of updating your favorite spaces at home with some ~greenery~ has crossed your mind. Aside from adding *literal* life to your rooms, surrounding yourself with house plants have a ton on
Turn to these stores to fuel your latest obsession.
Dalgona coffee, banana bread, ube cheese pan de sal-these are just some of the trends we saw during this ECQ period. Lately, however, it seems like more and more people are getting their hands dirty and turning to gardening and redecorating