Clear the clutter and save space on your vanity table.
We know that we can never stop ourselves from buying new beauty products because it's just so f*cking hard to do so. The high that we get with every purchase is worth the *money*, and we deserve it, okay.
Affordable Scandinavian-made furniture and home accessories coming soon.
The rumors of Swedish-based IKEA opening a Philippine store have been circulating since late last year. Sporadic articles have appeared to announce that IKEA is indeed coming, and soon(-ish). Here's what we know so far:Earlier this year,
A not-so-secret guilty pleasure ;)
When my life is in shambles and I can't find anything on my work desk or home closet, I like to sort of make myself feel better by scrolling through photos of insanely organized spaces. Don't ask me
Getting ready will be SO much easier!
Let's be honest, no matter how many clothes you have in your closet, it's easy to feel like you never have anything to wear. Which is why we spoke to Practical Princess' Elika Gibbs and Virginia Feacey,
No wonder she's always motivated to hustle.
It's hard to get shit done when your work space doesn't motivate or inspire you. That's probably why Kryz Uy's home office is ~*pristine*~! Our favorite part? Her wall decal! Follow Ysa on Instagram.
The millennial pink door is TDF.
If you've seen the Queen of All Media's former home in Makati, you'd have an idea how colors play a huge part in her space. From deep shades to striking hues-these picks made her home unique and special.
Beige, tan, white and light gray—these photos prove subdued tones are anything but boring.
When it comes to paint, decor, or accessories, a lot of homeowners like to go for neutrals or a variation of toned-down hues. We can't say we're surprised. Aside from not having to go through the trouble of matching
Get ideas on how you can showcase your collections, too!
While sturdy cabinets and trusty organizers can help keep our belongings organized, there are still days when we can't help but dream about spacious rooms filled with floor-to-ceiling shelves, pretty cabinets, and full length mirrors, to boot.If you'
Let the dainty details and cute décor inspire you to redecorate
What makes a perfect kiddie room? Aside from making sure that it's safe for the little ones, it's essential to have a nook for playing, a spot for afternoon naps, and an area for storage, too. Parents even go the
A little dedication (and a few smart hacks!) is all you need.
Whether you already have an all-white apartment or you're currently styling your space to have a colorless aesthetic, you probably have one very important question in mind: How do I keep my white home white?While there is no easy
Girl has taste—designer taste, that is!
It's true what they say, there's more to design than what meets the eye. While it's easy to admire the things you see immediately, it's the story behind the choice of furniture and decor that makes a difference.
The actress's spacious abode has four bedrooms, a guest room, two dining areas, and a family den, too.
It's safe to say that this property is a blessing for Jennylyn Mercado. It came at a time when she was looking for a new house and hoping to start anew. Located in a subdivision in Quezon City, the house is
Make your Gossip Girl dreams come true!
It's not surprising why many experiment with rustic and industrial interiors. These two add a distinct appeal to any space-a balance between edgy and cozy-giving the owners the freedom to style their homes with handpicked pieces and accessories. For
Say goodbye to black and white with tone-on-tone coloring!
Picking out colors that work harmoniously together can be very tricky-after all, color can make or break the space. This is probably the reason why most homeowners decide to stick to black and white.No need to worry, even if matching
City life never looked this ~fresh~!
Whether you're a true-blue beach babe or a sailing pro, you'd probably agree when we say that living in the heart of the city is tough for someone who loves the island life. While we can't promise you
Quick tip: group according to use!
Condos are usually equipped with a small kitchen just enough for you to function everyday. Here, we give you practical tips on how you can maximize the use of your tiny space, so you never have to worry about finding your toaster/
Remember: first in, first out!
How long has it been since you last emptied out your kitchen cabinet and drawers to evaluate what's stored in there? That bottle of "artisanal" olives you got from a Christmas package two years ago shouldn't be there anymore. Same
DIY addicts, take note!
Spray-paint old food jarsRepurpose your old mayo, cola, and jam bottles and turn them into nifty containers that'll hold anything small-thumbtacks, buttons, loose change, even flowers! Just spray-paint them in your color of choice; metallics work especially well.
Then check out <i>Real Living's</i> Ultimate Shopping and Design Showhouse this weekend!
Whether you're itching to give your home a much-needed update or you're getting ready to move into your new place, Real Living Space: The Ultimate Shopping Design Showhouse at the Magnolia Residences (beside Robisons Magnolia Mall) is where you
Say goodbye to "orphaned" pillowcases!
Clean up your night table.Organize your bed linen.Stash bedding sets in their matching pillowcases so they won't get mixed up with other sets. This way, one look and you'll know which set to get. No more pulling out
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