These simple storage solutions will make you want to tidy up!
If you've been spending most of your time indoors (we hope you are!), then you've probably been working on how to make your space a bit more organized and maybe even #aesthetic. In case you're in
In case you didn't know, wallpapers are a fun and durable alternative to painting an accent wall!
Are you in the middle of a home renovation? Perhaps you're deciding which furniture to buy or which aesthetic decor to put where. In case you're looking for a quick room refresh, the folks over at Tanaw Studio
She scored them from Muji, Lazada, and SM!
One of the room makeovers we're currently ~invested~ in is that of Rei Germar's space in their family house in Bulacan. So far, she has spilled the deets of its design (courtesy of Tanaw Studio) and shared some
It may be difficult to start at first, but you got this!
Spending a lot of time at home has made me realize that my room is filled with SO MUCH STUFF. From books and office supplies, to dainty jewelry and a stash of beauty products, to random items that I bought just because
So you can finally start redecorating your room!
Decluttering can be an overwhelming task. There are times when get discouraged to do it because we get tired just by thinking of it. Since regular spring cleaning has to be done to keep your place neat and orderly, we created this
So simple but so nice!
Divine Lee has always been vocal about her neat-freak tendencies, and now, we have further proof that she's *totally* home organization goals! Divine shared part one of her Manila closet and vanity tour, and we absolutely enjoyed hearing her explain
Keep your clothes from stretching out!
Storing your clothes after laundry seems like a no-brainer task, but it pays to be mindful of what items you should either hang or fold, especially if you want your investment pieces to last. When folding or hanging clothing items, pay
Live kalat-free for good!
Hello, just when I thought TikTok was only filled with people dancing/doing weird things while they're bored in the house bored in the house bored, I discovered a new ~world: home organization videos. Unlike the usual YouTube videos that I'
Pretty space = productive brain.
We all have different ways of coping. You've probably tried making Dalgona coffee several times as an added arm workout. By now, it's also likely that you've got DIY bangs, and TBH, we're happy
Turn to these stores to fuel your latest obsession.
Dalgona coffee, banana bread, ube cheese pan de sal-these are just some of the trends we saw during this ECQ period. Lately, however, it seems like more and more people are getting their hands dirty and turning to gardening and redecorating
Make sure your storage strategies are practical.
I live in a relatively small studio. I can get from one end to the other in maybe 20 steps. And because I've not installed a lot of shelves yet, I rely on the lower cabinets in my kitchen area.
Eight easy tips to take your practice to the next level.
So, you've started meditation and want to up your game at home. Well, you've come to the right place. Here, we explore how to create a little sacred haven inside your own four walls, where you can meditate
We're already committing to fixing our own refs this weekend.
Growing up, one of my favorite shows to watch was MTV Cribs. Aside from seeing the huge houses of my favorite celebs, I especially looked forward to the segment where they'd open their fridge and we'd all pretend to be
Because there's nothing like having a functional closet space.
Decluttering your closet is a must if you want to streamline your wardrobe, but how do you keep everything looking neat and orderly after? Aside from avoiding buying clothes (that you'll only wear once) on impulse, we found three things that
It's time to trim your beauty stash.
A clean, organized space has tons of benefits: It helps you save time when getting ready-you don't waste precious minutes looking for that *one* lipstick in your drawer. It helps your mind and body relax, too. There are several
Creating extra room for your stuff = room for EVEN MORE stuff.
Storage solutions that will not only maximize small spaces, but allow you extra room for even more stuff-because who wouldn't want that? Now that a lot of us have a bit more time at home on our hands, and
Utilize your walls and corners!
Living in a house with a tiny bathroom means that you have to be very smart and practical about how you use your space. This is where the right kinds of storage come in, and these should take into account your personal
They're *so* satisfying.
It's been said that keeping your spaces clean and organized is a sure fire way to keep your mind calm and at peace. It makes perfect sense, because seeing things in order makes it feel like you are in control of
Okay, pile-of-clothes, now let’s get in formation.
One of the sad realities of adulthood is having to deal with a teeny tiny closet that barely fits your collection of clothes. Although Carrie Bradshaw would have you believe otherwise, living in shoebox-sized New York City apartments means cramming your
Clear the clutter and save space on your vanity table.
We know that we can never stop ourselves from buying new beauty products because it's just so f*cking hard to do so. The high that we get with every purchase is worth the *money*, and we deserve it, okay.
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