Complete with a fridge for beauty products.
Most women have a dedicated section in their bedroom or bathroom for doing makeup-although if we're being honest, any surface next to a mirror would do in a pinch. There's probably some space to store products, too... if they'
It's a $5.3 million mansion, so it's not all bad.
With Inauguration Day just around the corner (January 20, 2017), it's nearly time to wave goodbye to the Obamas and make way for the new President Elect, Donald Trump.And of course, it involves some goodbyes for Barack, Michelle, and their
We got to chat with the jetsetting supermodel when we featured her artsy pad in the April issue. Let Raya fill you in on her year-round travel tips, and view outtakes from her shoot!
Raya Mananquil is the prime example of a fearless jetsetter. Having been a model since her high school days, the columnist and occasional events host has been lucky enough to travel to many exciting places for both work and downtime.When we
On the lookout for a summer home you can proudly call your own? Check out these new residential offerings for that quick, convenient weekend getaway.
Ever fantasize about having a summer villa you can easily escape to with your best girls in tow? We may have found the next best thing--and you won't even have to travel far to get there!SM Residences has developed
Cosmo's sister site gives you the chance to win this amazing prize. Just log on to, pick your dream home, and share it on Facebook!
A Cosmo girl's first big step toward independence is when she finally gets a home she can call her own. But even if you don't have the means to buy a house yet, there's no harm in checking out
Take your eco-consciousness a notch further: find your home in Ayala Land's Nuvali, which is the best example of how green living can be so chic and fun!
When there's no way to stop the destruction of nature, the best thing we can do is to slow it down as much as possible. From your choice of beauty products to your choice of home, there is always something you
Cosmo's sister publication <i>Real Living Magazine</i> came up with a nifty book on decorating small spaces. Read about it here, then go grab a copy. It's just P195!
Did you just buy your hard-earned first condo or moved out to assert your independence and rented a studio? Or are you so bored and nasisikipan in your room, you want to redecorate? We know that more and more of you,
It's <em>sooo</em> Cosmo to want to help the community. Get a few tips from this 19-year-old who spends her free time helping Habitat for Humanity.
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