'Bagay ba?' Uh...
1. You're always told, "You're intimidating."Whenever your friend introduces you to her other friends or colleagues, she always feels the need to warn them: "Don't be intimidated! Mabait 'yan." And you think it's ridiculous, until those same
Like what you feel and what you want.
1. What you want to eat.Your S.O. wants to enjoy a meal with you. When you say "I'm cool with eating anything" or "We can eat wherever you want" but don't mean it (and actually want him to
From telling her she has bad breath to divulging that her man is cheating, learn from Cosmo's Honesty and Tact 101.
Our August Quickie Blogger learns about the pitfalls of oversharing after a no-holds-barred talk with an ex-boyfriend.
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