What are the stars saying this week?
Congratulations, you're (almost) at the end of Mercury Retrograde! But does this mean the stars are letting you totally off the hook? Probably not. Here are a few things to watch for as you edge out of the troubles brought on
(Spoiler: They don’t!)
Full Moons are notorious for making people feel emotionally all over the place and blurting out the things they resent the most in other people. Because of that, Full Moons are also representative of "endings" in astrology, including (sorry!) breakups and fallings-
What are the stars saying this week?
This week, the Taurus full moon rises in the sky, reminding us to see our goals through, stand our ground, and take action. While career may be the focus for most this week, it's important to work through relationship tension, too.
Aka why you feel way more like a Libra when you're technically an Aries.
Do you ever feel like your sign doesn't really describe your personality? Are you a stoic Leo? An emotional Capricorn? A Gemini with an uncompromising regard for the truth? Sun-sign astrology can be fun and illuminating when it speaks
Because we all get that bread differently.
Money might not entirely make the world go around, but hey, it suuuure greases the wheels. Astrology-specifically your Sun sign-plays a role in how you make it, save it, and spend it.Sure, you might be looking at your bank
What are the stars saying this week?
Tensions rise and flare up this week with the Mars-Pluto Square happening in the skies. The stars talk you into handling your discomfort properly, and give you something to hold onto as we flow through Mercury retrograde.Something's bugging you
What are the stars saying?
Complicated relationships and group dynamics are left, right, and center with the Sun and Uranus opposition that's occurring this week. Deal with whatever tension is thrown your way wisely by listening to what the stars have to say.If you've
What are the stars saying?
There's a deep emphasis on love on all fronts this week. Whether this means sparking up a romantic connection with someone surprising or being a more loving person at work (gasp!) or with the fam, it's time to crack your
What are the stars saying?
We've just experienced the Aries Full Moon last weekend, which urges us to blaze trails, surge forward, and move out of our comfort zones. Before leaping straight into the next project, relationship, or destination, it'll be wise to heed what
Here's why 'Midsommar' just GOT to you.
Every Sun sign is hardwired to squirm and whimper over something. Once you know what personally freaks you TF out, you can (if you want) zoom in on whatever plays to that fear.So if you're down to get spooked this
We break it down for you.
Wouldn't it be nice if there were a machine where you could input your and your partner's information and have it spit out your exact love compatibility match? While that's yet to be invented (get on it, scientists!), you
Does your crush have a diff zodiac sign? Here’s why that’s a GOOD thing.
Opposites attract, or so they say. But here's the thing: It ain't always easy. Anyone who's dated their polar opposite knows it takes work to make it work. In the stars, as in life, opposites are a thing. The
You’ve been warned: Step. Away. From. The. DMs.
Horoscope update: We usually try to avoid our exes at all costs, but every now and then, the planets go a bit haywire, causing us to second-guess our own realities. On July 7, Mercury, planet of communication, began its exhausting retrograde
Born between July 23 and August 22? We're so on to you...
Someone's Zodiac sign can tell you a lot about them. It not only explains why they're so freaking obsessed with the container store (hi, Virgos!), but can also reveal how good they are in bed, what their wedding
Plus, which signs are most likely to be in one!
Love triangles suuuuuck. Whether you're the one in love with someone else's partner or the one worried about your boo falling for someone else-or in the MIDDLE of the triangle trying to figure out which person you actually want
Don't shoot the messenger! (Unless you're a Sagittarius.)
Knowing your sign can help you understand major parts of your life, from how you come off to people to why your biggest turn-ons are SUCH turn-ons. And one of the most confusing is, seriously, why do you keep dating
Like that nightmare where you married Shawn Mendes and he turned into a monster?
The Moon is super important in astrology-it impacts your emotional side and "hidden" self. But that glowy rock in the sky impacts another big thing: your sleep. And as one of Cosmo's resident astrologers Colin Bedell explains, it has a
Who am I to argue with the stars?
Valentine's Day is basically upon us, and there are plenty of lovey-dovey vibes in the universe right now. Maybe you're moving on to better relationships...or, you know, just swiping right. Maybe your S.O. is finally,
Check out the sign of that cutie who caught your eye!
No one likes the prospect of one-way flirting, right? So, save yourself any potential cringe or embarrassment by checking out the star sign of the person you're into.Each zodiac sign has certain tells or giveaways that they fancy
There is magic to be found if we’re conscious of the love in our lives.
There's a lot of serious stuff going down in the world everyday. Luckily, the planets this 2019 encourage us to start tuning into the positive (in between tackling the hard news, of course). There is magic to be found if we'
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