Meet Cancer, the zodiac’s sensitive feelers.
Symbol: The CrabRuling Planet: MoonBest Love Match: PiscesFamous Cancer: Princess DianaThe empaths of the zodiac, Cancers feel it all. They pick up on everyone's feelings and are inherently emotional themselves. Their moods roll with the tides as they are ruled by
Meet Taurus, the zodiac’s talented problem solver.
Symbol: The BullRuling Planet: VenusBest Love Match: ScorpioFamous Aries: Leonardo da VinciTaurus is extremely earthbound. They love stuff and often succumb to Shiny Object Syndrome and major retail therapy. Taurus is also the go-to for anything that needs fixing-they'll
Meet Aries, the fiery frontrunner of the zodiac.
Symbol: The RamRuling Planet: MarsBest Love Match: LibraFamous Aries: Billie HolidayAries is the initiator, trendsetter, and born leader. Bursting with energy, they charge forward through life with a lot of daring, but are also known for acting on impulse. Impatient and out
It's how I reeled in my current partner.
If there's one thing I believe in when it comes to dating, it's leading with my freak flag first. Why waste my own time and make me leave my apartment for a second date when I can ask
Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.
Calling all divine feminists and joy-seekers! The North Star of the Zodiac (that's the "North Node" for you astro geeks) enters Cancer on Tuesday, where it'll stay for 2 1/2 years. Giant Jupiter concludes a year of
They're worse than Mercury retrograde.
Everyone knows that Mercury retrograde is a garbage period of time where you fight with your friends more, watch your plans get canceled repeatedly, and generally feel really out of it for no good reason. But it's not the only
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