Sorry, but Ophiuchus isn't a thing.
Every six months or so, the internet promptly panics when yet another story about "Ophiuchus, the 13th zodiac sign" goes viral. We're here to tell you to calm down-you're still a Cancer, or a Pisces, or an
The second Mercury Retrograde of the year is bringing some friends.
Just when you thought the cosmos were calming down, June brings six planetary retrogrades our way... in the middle of eclipse season. Mercury (yep, Mercury Retrograde is back, bb!!!), Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are all spinning backwards this month.All
There's zero chance you'll hate these.
Oh, Gemini: You, unfortunately, have kiiinda a bad rep. Not as bad as a Scorpio, but you're up there. People think you're two-faced (because you're ruled by the twins), immature, cold, erratic, moody, and gossipy.
Enter Co-Star.
Before, we'd only ever mention our zodiac signs when we're filling out our grade school friends' slambooks. Now, though, the entire world wide web has taken particular interest in astrology and what they say about our personalities,
Sorry, can’t talk, I’m sexting a Gemini.
Each of the twelve signs of the zodiac has specific and sexy ~superpowers~ in the bedroom. Although certain signs have a reputation of being "better in bed" than other signs (looking at you, Scorpio), I'm here to report that every sign
Money, please.
Want to make more money? Of course you do. JSYK, it's not advisable to ask for a raise more than once a year, so if you got a New Year's salary bump (lucky), you might want to lean back and
'The limit does not exist,' says every Cancer ever.
Listen, we all want to know when is the perfect time to take a relationship to the next level, but we're not psychics. Lucky for us, astrology can help us find the perfect timing to do so. (Side note: Is there
Including the really scary stuff.
We've all heard the warning: Beware of Mercury Retrograde-it messed up my life and it'll get you, too, my pretty!!! (Btw, the next Mercury Retrograde, um, is happening right TF now *cue haunted house sounds*.) As an astrologer, this
Here's another way to get that attention you're seeking.
I have a special place in my heart for Aries. It's my rising sign, so, like, I get you guys. You're a little misunderstood-people think you're brash and obnoxious when you're really just
Or, um, not.
Let's be real: Navigating the fiiiiine line between love and lust can be tricky. Yeah, it might seem obvious, but sometimes you need to dig a little deeper to figure out if it's true love or if you're just,
I'm not talking nail biting here, mmkay?
We all have bad habits. And they're just as predictable as they are no bueno. Because astrology. So in order to prepare (and protect) oneself and others who fall victim to these low vibe pitfalls, here's a list of each
Sun signs are for amateurs.
So you swiped right. The first date was *good*. Then you casually hunkered down to stalk them on social and figure out their sign're, like, the opposite of soul mates, according to the internet. Time to block them forever
The stars know ev-er-y-thing, people!
Listen, astrology is already your life coach, financial advisor, relationship therapist-the fact that it's not already your MUA is actually shocking, TBH. So that's why we've matched up every zodiac sign to the beauty trend you're *literally*
They're way cooler than that conspiracy theory you're currently obsessed with.
Hiii, Aquarius-thank you for taking a break from saving the world to click on this article. Obviously, if you're an Aquarius, you're very proud to be one. You're one of the most multi-dimensional signs-
If you've never heard of horary astrology before, I suggest you gather around my communal internet fire and listen up. Horary astrology tasks an astrologer (aka me) with answering a question by constructing and interpreting a birth chart for the
It's all downhill from here! (JK, stop screaming.)
That's right, bbs: January 27 brings us a Venus and Neptune conjunction in tender Pisces (the dreamiest of all signs). And when romantic Venus and sensitive Neptune align in the sky, we can expect to feel all the feels within partnerships.
You already know this: Astrology is a handy tool that helps us better understand ourselves and the world around us and become our best selves. Oh, and that includes our manicures. By aligning your nail art with your Sun Sign, you can
And not just because they're sparkly and pretty.
Pro tip: Wanna up your manifesting ~powers~? Snag some specific crystals that align with, what else, your Sun Sign! "Crystals are the skeleton of our planet. Working with them allows us to utilize the energy from the earth," says Bri Luna, owner
This is not a drill, people!
The first week into the New Year brings the luckiest day of 2020. That's right, bbs! We have a prime astrological opportunity to cultivate good vibes and make our wishes come true at the beginning of 2020-how serendipitous are we?!
Insert 'em in your calendar, CGs.
Yeah, so, 2020 will def interesting year! We have six eclipses, three Mercury Retrogrades, and Venus and Mars Retrogrades. Sounds fun, right?! Welp, between all that flashy astro dramz, there are actually several more dates that will serve us all
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