Never talking to another human again. Bye!
The coronavirus pandemic has made movie nights less of a chill alternative to going out, and more a staple of the weekend every weekend. While your takeout possibilities are endless, your choice of entertainment will go just one of two ways: Either
These spooktacular Korean dramas will keep you up at night.
If you're the type of thrill-seeking viewer who gets a kick out of watching gore, monsters, and malevolent spirits haunting humans, then we've got just the list for you. Even if you're not a K-
Friendly tip: Please don't mind the monkey.
Okay, I'm not going to lie: Netflix's new Thai horror film The Maid was off to a slow start. To be perfectly honest, the beginning was downright corny and wasn't scary at all (friendly tip: please
Are you ready for 'The Grudge' TV series?
Getting tired of rom-coms? Change up the pace and infuse a bit of thrill to your night with these spooky horror movies and TV series coming to Netflix next month!ICYMI, iconic Japanese horror franchise Ju-On, better known as The
Don't read this at night!
Home is one of the places where we're supposed to feel safest. Whether you live with family or you live alone, it's within those walls that you can be most comfortable. But what happens when this personal space
These will keep you up at night, promise!
We've all experienced that *one* horror story ending that still gives us the creeps. You know the one we're talking about-it haunts you every time you enter the bathroom (or a dark room) at night. The plot
They’ll get in your head and stay there...forever.
As delightful as it is to watch a gory horror movie with the lights out while you're hunkered under the covers praying a clown doesn't eat you alive, sometimes you want less blood and more...brains. Enter: the
We got goosebumps while reading these!
Because of the pandemic, most of us have transitioned to a work from home setup. But before all this happened, I'm pretty sure we've all had our memories of spending late nights in the office. Whether it'
Ari Aster has more ~gory~ stuff up his sleeve.
If you loved the *horror* films Midsommar (2019) and Hereditary (2018), then you're going to be VERY HAPPY with this news. The writer + director of these movies, Ari Aster, is currently working on a new project and it's
In case you're in the mood for ~*scary movies*~.
Not everyone can sit solo through a horror movie. There's the trepidation of going home alone and being attacked by the supernatural with no one having a clue as to what happened to you (yes, that fear is very real).
'The Shape Of Water' IS SOOO GOOD.
You've probably heard about Mexican filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro and his simultaneously magical + horrific characters! While they aren't exactly scary films, his works involve ghosts, weird and mysterious creatures, and (sometimes) even murder. Here's a list
Warning: Spoilers ahead!
Trigger warning: This article contains sensitive content. There are scary movies, then there are ~SCARY~ movies. You know the type, we're talking about films that make you feel the need to hide beneath your blankets and keep the lights on
For example, THAT scene with THAT telephone pole in 'Hereditary.'
The horror genre is really fascinating. While we usually think of ghosts and supernatural beings when we think of scary films, there are some which get the "horror" factor from ~explicit~ violence, blood, and murder. The thing about these movies is that
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Horror and thriller films: Either you love them or you hate them. Still, we've all, at one point in our lives, have seen films or shows under those genres that have left us sleepless for days. Sometimes, you even remember a
Because things aren't as scary if you're already laughing.
Sometimes, we're just not in the mood for movies that make us want to hide under the covers at night. That's totally okay-but if your friends and fam feel like having a (online) watch party, why not
Get ready to scream and maybe ~hit your seatmate lightly with a pillow~ because a Netflix series about The Grudge is coming! The Ju-On or The Grudge horror franchise started as two short films from Takashi Shimizu and later expanded into
Install Netflix party and share a scare with your friends!
There's just something about the horror/thriller genre. Ever wondered why they're such a mainstay in the entertainment industry? Why is it that people subject themselves to content that'll render sleeping in complete darkness an impossibility,
Have you read the book?
Fresh off The Killer Bride finale and Block Z premiere, Joshua Garcia will take on another suspense project: the movie adaptation of Bob Ong's horror-mystery book, Ang Mga Kaibigan Ni Mama Susan. Black Sheep announced that the movie will be
The trailer alone is enough to send chills down your spine.
After The Haunting of Hill House, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and Marianne, Netflix continues to add to its growing supernatural horror library with Locke and Key.Based on the comic book series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, the Netflix series revolves
These terrors will keep you up at night.
2019 was a good year for horror films, with the likes of Midsommar and Us. Hollywood films might have given you the spooks, but the local film scene also had a good roster of flicks to keep you awake at night. Whether
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