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2k19 where ya at?
From the time the credits rolled on the It remake, everyone knew there would be a sequel to the horror film featuring Pennywise, the creepiest clown in Derry and also the entire world. The new film is all about the Losers'
Eat all your loudest snacks now before it's too late.
A Quiet Place' has been out for less than a month and in that time, it has been critically acclaimed, lauded by actors and fans alike. Now, Variety reports, it has already been given sequel."We're thrilled to say
He is Alexander Skarsgård's little brother!
Meet Pennywise. "It" is your worst nightmare. Anything you are afraid of, It will become. Pennywise is the main villain of Stephen King's bestseller, IT, published in 1986. The horror novel became a TV miniseries in 1990, and now, 27 years
Sorry Tom Cruise, but this mission is IMPOSSIBLE.
In 1127 A.D., Ahmanet's (Sofia Boutella) destiny to rule her kingdom was taken from her, prompting the ancient princess to turn to the dark arts to avenge her fate. She failed and got buried alive, aka mummified. In the
No, no, no. But also yes.
A new teaser for the 2017 remake of Stephen King's terrifying classic It aired during the MTV Movie & TV Awards yesterday, and if you weren't already certain that It would be the sort of film that will ruin your life
Who did this?!
Hollywood doesn't give a damn about the quality of your sleep or the content of your nightmares, and so has gone and made another Annabelle movie. The first teaser for this horror appeared last fall but now there's a full