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BRB, gonna pretend I'm at Yulje Medical Center!
Ah, K-drama product placements: We like to pretend they don't exist, but every now and then we notice how certain *branded* products stand out! And I don't know about you, but once I see my fave characters
Yoo Hanyang, we missed you!
Here at Cosmo, we looooove K-drama crossovers. Last year, we were blessed with cameos of some of our favorite Reply 1988 characters on Hospital Playlist. Now on its second season, the medical series gave us another gift: A Prison Playbook reference!
Another must-visit place in Seoul to add to your list!
Every K-drama fan knows that our favorite shows do not only have well-written plots, stellar actors, and LSS-inducing OSTs: They also put the spotlight on places in South Korea (for our *future* itinerary)! One K-drama with a stunning
Yay, we'll get to *see* them again!
Our long-awaited day is about to come, Yuljems-Hospital Playlist Season 2 will premiere tomorrow on Netflix! As early as now, we're already sure that we will put this series on our list of the best K-dramas of
She's also the writer behind a number variety shows!
Ah, it's FINALLY the month of June and you know what that means-Hospital Playlist Season 2 is coming! After more than a year, our favorite group of doctors is back and we can't wait to see what
She's dubbed as an 'actress chameleon' by Korean media!
Shin Hyun Bin might have just entered the radar of K-drama fans in 2020 as third-year resident Jang Gyeo Wool in the hit medical drama Hospital Playlist, but did you know that she already has 11 years of acting experience
Fast forward to June, please!
It's rare for K-dramas to have a second season so when it was announced that Hospital Playlist will be back on June 17 via Netflix, we couldn't help but scream! This tvN series was our source of
One word: ICONIC.
It always happens: Just when we thought we've already seen all the possible twists of a K-drama, the production team surprises us with a special cameo (or two) of a famous actor. Obvs, we're *always* left surprised.