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Hugs, Moraeals!
As much as we want Hospital Playlist to last *forever,* some things really have to end. NGL, it's the best medical drama we've seen so far and it's not just because of the cast and emotions
Everyone, meet Dr. Lee Howoo.
Sometimes, when you're watching Korean dramas, you just can't help but wonder, "May ganyan kaya talaga ka-gwapong doctor/lawyer/police officer/CEO in real life?" If you live in South Korea, will you really see cute guys
He learned how to play the piano for the show!
Hospital Playlist's *adorable* piano-playing OB-GYN doctor Yang Seok Hyung is played by none other than Kim Dae Myung. He started his 15-year career as a theater actor and soon became in-demand for his portrayal of complex
And the most spoiled fandom award goes to Yuljems!
Can you believe it? We only have two more episodes to go before Hospital Playlist 2 ends. We were just doing a recap of the characters a couple of months ago and then...*cries*But wipe those tears-although the finale is
She has an upcoming series with Son Ye Jin!
Jeon Mi Do might be a *newcomer* in the world of K-dramas and movies but don't let that fool you. She's a multi-awarded theater actress with an impressive 15-year career. Some of her most notable
She's dubbed as the "actress loved by PDs"!
Hello there, Yuljem! We're back with another guide to your favorite Hospital Playlist actors and this time, we're putting the spotlight on our Ahn Eun Jin, aka Chu Minha. We like how she's brave enough to
Enjoy ~shopping~, Yuljems!
As a K-drama fan, I have ~observed~ the fangirling stages: First, you'll search for the cast members and their past projects. Second, you'll be following the actors on Instagram. And third, you'll be looking for
It has something to do with the upcoming World Cup.
It looks like we won't be seeing our Lacking Five on the first week of September, Yuljems-that's because an episode of Hospital Playlist 2 will be delayed.As scheduled, episode 9 will still air tomorrow, August 19.
His dad is a veteran K-drama director!
We know, we know. Since a new episode of Hospital Playlist Season 2 did not air this week, you might need your 99-ers squad fix. Today, let's put the spotlight on versatile actor Jung Kyung Ho, who has had
Cheer up, the team has prepared something *special* for us instead!
Sad news coming through, Yuljems (ICYDK, it's our fandom name!)-our favorite medical drama, Hospital Playlist 2, will take a one-week hiatus.Episode six will still air tonight, July 22. This means that we will get to know the
Every easter egg is on point!
Do you ever have those ~moments~ when you just feel warm and happy inside because a K-drama like Hospital Playlist exists? Because that's how I feel every Thursday. This medical series is relatable, comforting, and always heartwarming-it'
BRB, gonna pretend I'm at Yulje Medical Center!
Ah, K-drama product placements: We like to pretend they don't exist, but every now and then we notice how certain *branded* products stand out! And I don't know about you, but once I see my fave characters
They're opening their café *soon*!
Our Uju (Kim Jun) is known for three things: He's *super* adorable, he's one smart boy, and he's a foodie! In the first season of Hospital Playlist, we've seen him munch on Korean corn
Yoo Hanyang, we missed you!
Here at Cosmo, we looooove K-drama crossovers. Last year, we were blessed with cameos of some of our favorite Reply 1988 characters on Hospital Playlist. Now on its second season, the medical series gave us another gift: A Prison Playbook reference!
My recent source of joy is the healing K-drama Hospital Playlist and it's that one thing I look forward to every week. As a fan, a day is never complete without ~obsessing~ over posts related to this series (especially
He has won *so*many awards both as an actor and singer!
The first time I watched Jo Jung Suk was in the movie My Annoying Brother. IDK why but after crying my eyes out because of that tearjerker, I felt like he's not just a great actor-he's a
This list is perfect if you think 16 episodes feel bitin and you’re looking for a series to obsess over.
Have you ever wondered why most Korean dramas end their story arc at one season? While Korean variety shows run for years and some for decades, dramas usually stop after the pilot season. TBH, 16, 20, or even 24 episodes don't
Welcome to his ~Yeoniverse~!
Before portraying the character of Ahn Jeong Won in Hospital Playlist, Yoo Yeon Seok has already played a doctor twice, became a baseball team MVP, transformed into samurai, acted as a chef-we can go on and on about his growing portfolio!
Have you watched these relatable K-dramas yet?
When life gets hard, we love ending the day by watching a good K-drama! But while we enjoy dramas that take us to other worlds and help us escape our everyday problems, we sometimes want something more realistic-proof that others
We have the ~tips and tricks~ for you, Yuljems!
Hello there, Yuljems! We're already on the second episode of Hospital Playlist Season 2 and can I just say I'm happy that we have one new ep every week instead of two-because we can watch the drama