Yes, there's one from the Philippines.
It would be easy to assume that the blogger approved hotels you see on your Instagram feed all come with hefty price tags, but Hostelworld have found some clear exceptions to the rule.As per Pop Sugar, the hostel booking website have
Budget-friendly summer getaways!
Planning a summer getaway is one of the best ways to get your mind off the stress of work, school, or home. But let's face it, sometimes the excitement of putting together a trip can quickly disappear when costs start adding
A bookworm's paradise!
Much to the Internet's delight, Book and Bed Tokyo opened last year, and it was an instant hit-so much so that they decided to open their second hostel in Kyoto! There are two types of "beds." One is called "bookshelf"
Do these ring a bell?
1. The PhilosopherWe're sure you've talked to that dude who's all about the true meaning of life, and won't let you go to bed because he can't shut up about his spiritual awakening. This is especially frustrating
Need a place to stay at on your next trip to the island?
Let's be real: Boracay is expensive enough! Everything is double (or even triple) the price, and the last thing we want is for you to burn through your budget on accommodations alone. Here are seven hostels you can book for when
Your Instagram feed and bank account will thank you.
Every seasoned traveler knows that accommodations take up a painfully large portion of the budget. Even if you're lucky enough to nab a cheap trip because of a seat sale, it's a struggle to find a decent and affordable place
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