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We had a quick chat with Cosmo's first Pinay cover girl. It's been over a decade since the October 1999 ish, but she's still as blooming as ever!
We could hardly believe it ourselves when we realized it's been more than 11 years since Donita Rose first graced the cover of Cosmo as our first ever Pinay cover girl. She looks as fresh and gorgeous as ever, and her
On his final week as Cosmo's hottie of the month, we tried to break into his sexy side.
For the past three weeks, we got to know Gino Dela Pena better (we bet that you now know more about him than just "He's the guy from the McDo commercial!"). We tried to tap into his romantic side as a
The TV host talks about how he talked to GMA-7 execs about leaving and what's in store for him in his new network.
Three-time Cosmo cover girl Angel Aquino reflects on her evolution from a fun, fabulous <em>F</em> host to being <em>Us Girls’</em> resident <em>ate </em>to Iya and Megan.