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First of all, he's MARRIED.
We're sure you've seen photos of Filipino-American actor-host Joshua Dela Cruz on your feed. He's the new host of Nickelodeon children's show Blue's Clues & You, and Twitter blew up when
You are most welcome.
Admit it: The Glorious trailer, starring Tony Labrusca and Angel Aquino, has gotten you feeling feels. The May-December romance set in Baguio tells the story of Niko (Tony) who falls in love with an older woman named Glory (Angel). The 30-
Think you can live up to his ‘Great Expectations’?
Smartphones may be taking over our lives, but there is still something so damn fine about a guy who loves to read.We know you want to click that "Follow" button, girl. Don't be shy.Source: Bored PandaFollow Ysa on Instagram.
TBH, one of the main reasons to stay up and watch the games at night.
With the 2018 FIFA World Cup underway, you can expect your social media feeds to be abuzz with the latest football action. Not everyone is a sports enthusiast, but there's at least one thing we can appreciate from football'
They're literally eye candy.
Get ready for a visual feast 'cause you won't get to take your eyes off this list! Here, a roundup of our favorite Pinoy celebs who look even HOTTER with eyeglasses on.
Prince Nikolai of Denmark just landed his first contract.
It seems to be one of the great injustices of our time that children who are blessed by being born into royalty can also be so devastatingly good looking that they can model. Prince Nikolai of Denmark is one such person. The
Well hello, Sheriff Keller.
For weeks now, I've been telling my Riverdale-watching cohorts that I thought Sheriff Keller might be hot. No, they said. You're just dealing with residual Sheriff Hopper attraction. Sheriff Keller is just a dad, they said. Not
Our favorite makeup guru is now swole AF!
So you all know Bretman Rock, Queen of Sass, Slayer of Highlighters, Mother of Makeup Palettes.If you don't-in which case, what "Rock" have you been hiding under?-he's a 19-year-old Filipino makeup guru, best
21-year-old hottie Tony Labrusca is one of the main reasons why we watch La Luna Sangre every night (Admit it, it's your reason, too!). The former Pinoy Boyband Superstar finalist and COSMOMEN 2017 Centerfold hunk plays a sexy half-
Tell me when will you be mine. Tell me ChuanDo, ChuanDo, ChuanDo.
With all the horrible things on the Internet these days-cyberbullying, revenge porn, Jaclyn Hill and Kim Kardashian's cringe-worthy makeup tutorial-we're thankful for every little bit of good that comes out of it:Meet ChuanDo Tan, a Singaporean
TBH, we could've made this last an hour.
From Nam Joo Hyuk's lean swimmer body in Weightlifting Fairy to Park Seo Joon's bulked up muscles in Fight For My Way, here are all the ~*glorious*~ topless moments from our fave K-dramas!VIDEO: Jana Jodloman and
Think you can be part of the next Cosmo 69?
Ladies and gentlemen, it's that time of the year again-we're looking for our next batch of Cosmo Bachelors! If you think you've got what it takes to make Cosmo girls swoon, check out further details below:Go-sees
We can't just put a number.
Asian-American actor Ross Butler has been taking over the small screen (and our hearts!) by appearing on the two biggest teen dramas of 2017: Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why. We're legit OBSESSED. Need we say more?VIDEO: Jean Saturnino Follow
'He's, like, not human.'
Most of us can only dream of what it'd be like to hang out with Zac Efron IRL, but for Alexandra Daddario, she got to do that and so much more-and her description of the experience is absolutely priceless.
All for your viewing pleasure, CGS!
From Jughead Jones of Riverdale to Clay Jensen of 13 Reasons Why, we've got nine of the hottest crushable male characters we're obsessed with on the small screen RN. Good news? All of these shows can be streamed on Netflix.
Step aside, Prince Harry.
When the words "hot" and "royalty" are spoken, who comes to mind? For us, it's the British royal family-specifically Prince Harry. We're blaming Disney for the "marry prince Charming to have a happy ever after" fantasy all girls seem
Apparently, there really is someone in the army as good-looking as Capt. Yoo Si Jin (Song Joong Ki) in Descendants of the Sun.
The internet is falling head over heels for this swoon-worthy soldier whose photos are currently making the rounds of social media sites, with more than 2,000 shares on Facebook. Apparently, there really is someone in the army as good-looking
Good news: He's only 2 hours away from Manila!
We've got a new royal hottie on our radar and he's not a thousand miles away (it's 750 to be exact). Say hello to the 29-year old Prince Abdul Mateen of Brunei.The Asian prince
We can't even.
Truth: We're only watching Netflix's Riverdale for Cole Sprouse aka Jughead Jones.Just kidding-we're also into it for the drama, teen angst, pretty people, and shirtless KJ Apa (Archie Andrews).But, as I said, the 24-year-old
We'd happily date either of them tbh.
We interrupt your normal Saturday morning routine with an incredibly important public service announcement: Zac Efron has a very, very attractive brother and you're gonna need to date see him right now.Time to tape your chin to your cheeks and