The Earth hasn't even been able to make one rotation around the Sun-aka it hasn't even been a year-and yet we have already been #blessed with the second season of Riverdale. Not that we're
Nope, not pheromones!
A lot of fuss has been made over the power of the natural, sexy scents our dirty little bods give off. Pheromones! They're all the rage when it comes to attracting a sex partner. But now some research suggests that some
Gorgeous gulay guys, macho men in uniform, and a chicharon-selling cutie you wouldn't want to miss!
Pinay beauty is often recognized around the world. Very rarely do we give attention to all the good-looking Pinoys, especially blue-collar guys who make working hard look so damn ~*hot*~.Just for you, we rounded up our local versions of #
He maintains eye contact.
1. Wear pants that fit properly. How else am I to know you have a cute butt under there? I need to know about the cute butt.2. Reply to your texts in a super hot, timely manner. Nothing sexier than not
Popular Nickelodeon show Hey Arnold stopped airing 11 years ago, but that didn't stop Buzzfeed from reporting about the whereabouts of the guy who voiced Arnold for the show's first season in 1996. Cosmo Girls, meet Lane Toran:Apparently, he'
What more can you ask for?
Remember when we told you about those Instagram accounts that curated photos of Hot Men Reading Books and Hot Dudes With Dogs? You totally followed them after, right?Well, here's another account you'll be obsessed with, as it combines two
Feast your eyes on the hunks we spotted at this year's Century Tuna Superbods competition in Boracay!
Summer is the time of the year to spot hunks flaunting their shirtless hot bods on the beach! But, there's one particular weekend when the sexiest men in the country gathered in one place: the Century Tuna Superbods 2012 Salute to
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