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Well hello, Sheriff Keller.
For weeks now, I've been telling my Riverdale-watching cohorts that I thought Sheriff Keller might be hot. No, they said. You're just dealing with residual Sheriff Hopper attraction. Sheriff Keller is just a dad, they said. Not
The Earth hasn't even been able to make one rotation around the Sun-aka it hasn't even been a year-and yet we have already been #blessed with the second season of Riverdale. Not that we're
Tell me when will you be mine. Tell me ChuanDo, ChuanDo, ChuanDo.
With all the horrible things on the Internet these days-cyberbullying, revenge porn, Jaclyn Hill and Kim Kardashian's cringe-worthy makeup tutorial-we're thankful for every little bit of good that comes out of it:Meet ChuanDo Tan, a Singaporean
TBH, we could've made this last an hour.
From Nam Joo Hyuk's lean swimmer body in Weightlifting Fairy to Park Seo Joon's bulked up muscles in Fight For My Way, here are all the ~*glorious*~ topless moments from our fave K-dramas!VIDEO: Jana Jodloman and
Say annyeong to these sexy shirtless oppas!
If you've been following, you probably know that shirtless men have a dear place in our hearts. Epic bachelor bashes and Insta-stalked men aside, we love those random nekkid TV moments we totally didn't see
Think you can be part of the next Cosmo 69?
Ladies and gentlemen, it's that time of the year again-we're looking for our next batch of Cosmo Bachelors! If you think you've got what it takes to make Cosmo girls swoon, check out further details below:Go-sees
These local actors just get better with age.
When someone asks about the hot stars of Philippine showbiz, you're sure to get the names of James Reid, Enrique Gil, and Daniel Padilla. But while there is no doubt that these boys currently rule local TV, there are the ~men~
Prince William and Harry aren't the only ones, you know.
PSA: There are other HOT princes in the world who aren't named Prince William and Harry. Need a crash course on Gwapo Princes 101? Here's a rundown:VIDEO: Jean Saturnino Follow Jacinda on Instagram.Follow Andie on Instagram. Follow Jean
Step aside, Prince Harry.
When the words "hot" and "royalty" are spoken, who comes to mind? For us, it's the British royal family-specifically Prince Harry. We're blaming Disney for the "marry prince Charming to have a happy ever after" fantasy all girls seem
'Cos it's getting us hot and bothered.
It's easy to dismiss men as fuckboys and aggressive thirst traps-don't get me wrong, some men are-but you'd be surprised at how many woke baes are roaming the Earth, making their gender proud.Renowned photographer Fred Goudon
Definitely eye candy!
No matter how you look at it, age is not just a number in the showbiz industry. But that only seems to work to the advantage of these male celebrities who are hotter than ever even though they've reached (or greatly
No spoilers here, just really hot men.
Most of us have seen Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and instantly got blown away-it was a brilliant film that had the heart and soul of the original Star Wars franchise.But OK, let's be honest here: What initially
And they’re damn fine.
Well, hello! Meet the Warwick Rowers, known for doing something... ~*extra special*~ for the LGBTQ community during the holiday season.They've been stripping down to their birthday suit for nude calendars, in hopes of raising money for awareness about homophobia in
When he's part of your flight's cabin crew, it truly is about the journey, not the destination.
Meet Nico Valbuena, 27, Cebu Pacific Air Cabin How did you become part of a cabin crew?Nico: Actually, I started out in China Bank. I was in HR, specifically in recruitment. After two weeks, my friend approached me because
Triple threat!
Here we go again! Town and Country Philippines' June issue rounded up the hottest men from different industries and from every corner of the globe. With good looks, skills, and success, these guys are triple threats! It was hard to choose, but
Because hummus where the heart is.
Oh my nosh! We've had Hot Dudes Reading, Hot Dudes With Dogs, Hot Dudes With Kittens, Hot Dudes In Beds, and now we have Hot Dudes And Hummus, proving once again that there is nothing you can't achieve on the
Gorgeous gulay guys, macho men in uniform, and a chicharon-selling cutie you wouldn't want to miss!
Pinay beauty is often recognized around the world. Very rarely do we give attention to all the good-looking Pinoys, especially blue-collar guys who make working hard look so damn ~*hot*~.Just for you, we rounded up our local versions of #
Amazing what Instafame can do.
If we hadn't known better, we would have mistaken this young man for Leonardo DiCaprio circa Romeo and Juliet.Surprise! That's actually Konrad Annerud, an aspiring musician from Sweden who bears an uncanny resemblance to "the beautiful Leonardo DiCaprio." (Referencing
'Those who rely heavily on good looks will have the biggest insecurities; those who have character are the more confident ones.'
We wouldn't mind this commute at all.
If you thought the guys reading on the NYC subway were hot, wait until you see the handsome commuters of Paris. You'll want to book a one-way ticket to France, stat. Hey there, cutie.What's on your mind?Let