It's 1,400 square meters of pure luxury.
Okada Manila is one of Asia's largest ultra luxury integrated resorts, and its latest concept proves just why it deserves that title. Introducing Villa El Nido: the most opulent suite on Okada's property. It's 1,400
Enjoy and relax. You deserve it!
Everybody knows there's nothing better than spending Christmas with your loved ones. If you're flying back home this December, why not make Christmas with the fam *extra* special this year? Spending a couple of days at a hotel
Everybody needs a break.
With less than three months away till 2020, you only have a limited amount of time to squeeze in a much needed, last-minute staycation. And girl, gamitin mo na yang VLs mo. From October 10 to 15, TRYP by Wyndham Mall
It all makes sense now.
There's nothing quite like getting into a hotel bed. The king-sized duvet, the giant, fluffy pillows (all fifty of them), and the luxuriously soft hotel linen. But have you ever wondered why the bed sheets are always white?While
He doesn't want for much.
Prince Harry, being a member of royalty, could have anything he wants when he travels abroad. And, to an extent, he probably does. He and Meghan Markle weren't staying in eight-bed hostel dorms when they toured Australia last autumn,
We know you love tradition, but sometimes, you also need a break.
Remember those first couple of years after college when you and your friends would always agree to have your holiday reunions in the most economical grill and inuman places? Well, now that you've managed to get a few salary increases
We also got to try a circuit training session at Dusit Thani Manila's gym!
In this day and age, a fast-paced and hectic lifestyle has become the norm. So when Dusit Thani Manila offered to let us try their luxury spa and gym services, we immediately said yes because #SelfCare2018! Find out what happened when
Enjoy 50 percent off on buffet every Monday at Marriott Café.
There's a reason why everyone dreads Mondays: It's when you have to rejoin the outside world and deal with traffic, deadlines, and now, floods. Some have tried to change that mentality of gloom by focusing on positive thinking,
It's the perfect time for a staycation!
If you don't want to deal with the inevitable hellish traffic coming into and getting out of Manila this Holy Week, what's the next best thing? A staycation, of course. We checked Deal Grocer for the ~*best*~ hotel
No, we're not talking about those complimentary shampoo bottles.
I don't know about you, but whenever I stay at a hotel with my family-nuclear or extended-there's always that one person who's on a mission to hoard as many hotel amenities before check-out
It even has its ~*own*~ station!
Hue Boracay, located at Station 2, is a newly-opened hotel that's got every millennial planning their next trip to the island. Apart from its cool and modern communal spaces (read: rooftop gardens), Hue Boracay also has its own station:
Or, you know, buy a house instead?
If you're like me-or like any other normal, breathing human being on Earth-then you probably jump at every chance you get to stay in a hotel. Hotels are clean, cool, and chic.The world's most luxurious (read: expensive)
She booked the same hotel in Korea as the Song-Song wedding!
Anne Curtis, major K-drama fangirl, is all set to fly off to the land of Gong Yoo (a.k.a her ~*true*~ love), South Korea. What makes her trip extra special is she'll be in the country when her
It's cold AF.
We're not here to knock the whole idea of a traditional Filipino Christmas. If you prefer decking your house with parols and celebrating somewhere familiar-that's beautiful. But if you want to change your routine a little, or just need
Avoid touching these at all costs.
Hotel rooms often feel like brand-new spaces where you can live the life of luxury and pretend to be a Kardashian for the day. But if you think about it, these rooms are far from "new," with hundreds of thousands of
Maybe a change in your daily routine is all you need to be a fully functioning human again.
A staycation is all about escaping your responsibilities and breaking your patterns and habits, minus the headache of planning everything. But the secret to an awesome staycation is experiencing a change in your daily routine, and we can't think of a
Your newest Instagram backdrop! ;)
Here's a treat for all the girly girls out there: Kamiseta opened its first hotel, and it's located in Baguio! Book your stay quickly because we have a feeling their phones are gonna be ringing like cray soon.
Actress Lindsay Lohan once turned down Harry Styles because she had no idea who he was.The Hollywood star claims the One Direction heartthrob knocked on her hotel room at 2 a.m., after his friends had told him she was having
Is it too late now for him to say sorry?
Police officers were called to Justin Bieber's luxury hotel in London on Sunday after a female fan stormed out of his room after getting into an argument with another girl.The "Sorry" singer went to London to perform at the Capital
Well, it really must be luuuurve.
Justin Bieber serenaded his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez at a hotel bar in Beverly Hills, according to videos posted on social media.In a series of clips uploaded on Instagram over the weekend, Justin is seen singing while playing the piano in
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