What to see, what to eat, and where to stay!
Summer is matsuri (festival) season in Japan! Get ready to eat some yatai (street food), wear a yukata (summer kimono), catch firework displays, light lanterns, and witness lots and lots of street dancing. Just be sure to book your trip between July
Hint: There's a lot of gold.
If you thought flying at $21,000 a seat was fancy AF, just wait until you see what you get at a hotel that costs $30,000 (P1.5 million) a night.In a sneak peek at the special series Josh Gates:
Avoid touching these at all costs.
Hotel rooms often feel like brand-new spaces where you can live the life of luxury and pretend to be a Kardashian for the day. But if you think about it, these rooms are far from "new," with hundreds of thousands of
Maybe a change in your daily routine is all you need to be a fully functioning human again.
A staycation is all about escaping your responsibilities and breaking your patterns and habits, minus the headache of planning everything. But the secret to an awesome staycation is experiencing a change in your daily routine, and we can't think of a
For when you can't afford to fly, but also can't adult anymore.
When you're stressed or burned out, the last thing you want to do is worry about flights and visas. Sometimes, you just need time and space where you're not hounded by your everyday problems and responsibilities. The solution? Staycations-they'
Your Instagram feed and bank account will thank you.
Every seasoned traveler knows that accommodations take up a painfully large portion of the budget. Even if you're lucky enough to nab a cheap trip because of a seat sale, it's a struggle to find a decent and affordable place
Need a quick escape?
Staycations are always a good idea-you don't need to go out of the country to relax and have fun. Here, we give you places you should definitely visit the next time you want to get a quick escape from the ~*
Places to spice up your Valentine's Day, with class.
If he asks why, tell him this: because on a day like Valentine's Day, girls know what they want, and guys don't know any better. Because a girl owes it to herself to experience the most romantic night ever. Because
Spend a few days taking a break from the real world at these lovely hideaways.
There are a lot of perks that come with staying at bed & breakfast places. They're relatively cheaper, certainly homier, and definitely more intimate-perfect for a relaxing vacation with your BFFs or a romantic getaway with your man.Here, we've
Cheap hotels are the new classy motels.
Before anything else, name the first three motel joints that come to mind and cross them off the list, because chances are he'll take you there if he's the one in charge. Also, have him understand that your sweet lovin'
Want a romantic dinner, with dishes both you and your man will actually enjoy? Check out Cafe On The 6th at Ascott Makati for their fresh new menu!
The romantic dinner at a swanky restaurant that you always want to have with your man may not necessarily satisfy both your tastes (admit it). If you're still on the lookout for a great spot to cajole your man into taking
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