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Aww, stay in love you guys.
Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez literally cannot keep their hands to themselves! This super hot couple just got even hotter (yup, it's possible for these two) when we noticed they suddenly started posting all these PDA pics on their IG accounts.
Want to learn a new skill this summer? Why not take up ballet? Meeting a hot professional ballet dancer like Angelo just might be your extra motivation to become passionate about the craft.
If you've never thought of dancing ballet as a particularly hot male profession, Angelo Cacciatore will definitely change your mind! The incredibly sexy Filipino-Italian hunk studied ballet for eight years at a prestigious school in Italy, where he grew up.
Yes, we find it really amusing--not to mention enlightening--to talk to hot male celebs about style. Jake reveals his shopping habits and outfits he digs on women.
Jake Cuenca is sooo back on Cosmo chicks' radar ever since he opened the sizzling Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2011, as you surely remember! Then, we saw him again at the launch of his latest endorsement for Highlands Corned Beef along with fellow
You've caught the show live AND on ETC last night! Now, we bring you exclusive interviews with and over 140 photos of the boys backstage--preparing to drive you wild!
We know you loved this year's nautical-themed Cosmo Bachelor Bash: Beyond Hot (which you caught on ETC last night!). The Cosmo Men won your screams of approval onstage, but now we're showing you what went on backstage, so you
Real dudes tell you exactly what they want from you in bed. Go ahead and put them to the test!
1. "Climb into my bed looking innocent, then do extremely dirty deeds. A girl who looks virginal but is really a sex kitten is every man's dream." -Carl, 252. "Let me go deep during missionary by planting your feet on the
Stormy weather brings to mind...SEXY TIME! So, on his last stretch, we get PJ to spill his bedroom style and other steamy secrets. See this HOT batch of photos!
You've seen our September Online Hunk PJ Go chilling in the gym, flexing his muscles, and looking sexy-sweet on a balcony. He's been our month-long eye candy and gateway into the male mind: he dished on how to
Sometimes, you just need a breath of fresh air in your love life. Check out the last stretch of Jaco's Cosmo hunk feature, and be inspired to snag your own sexy new man!
Sometimes, good things must come to an end--like Jaco Benin's stint as Cosmo Online Hunk. But, as with relationships, it need not be a sad ending, right? Who knows, we might have him again in our online pages soon (wink,
Jaco proves that he's the perfect catch (just check out his new set of dreamy photos) and reveals what <i>his</i> idea of "perfect" is.
There are plenty of good-natured, wholesome, loyal men out there--and we caught one of them as our August Cosmo Online Hunk. Singer-actor Jaco Benin made a good first impression on you last week, wowing you with his talent and
If there's one event that can gather the most <i>Pinoy</i> men under one roof, it's the <i>FHM</i> 100 Sexiest Women Party. Who will win if these guys we spotted were the judges?
When our bro mag FHM Philippines threw their biggest and much-awaited 100 Sexiest Women in the World Party last July 14, we knew hoardes of men will swarm the World Trade Center in Pasay. Visual creatures that they are, of course
We know how much you love this actor, so sat down with him for an exclusive convo on how a woman should really treat the search for "The One."
John Lloyd Cruz is one of those gorgeous faces and sweet personalities we never tire of seeing on the big--or small--screen. At 28, he's an accomplished actor, model, and host who has won numerous acting awards. He's the
Trying to figure out what sexy dialogue he craves is tricky. Plus, you don't want to sound canned or like a bad porn star. Read on for our best tips.
Getting tongue-tied in bed? And we don't mean when kissing--that's a good thing--but when talking dirty. Even if you pride yourself on great communcation skills outside the bedroom, you might be at a loss when it comes
This "boy-next-door" has found a new home in the Philippines--and we <i>Pinays</i> are nothing short of grateful. You'll know why in 80+ outtakes!
Brapanese hottie Hideo Muraoka walked into his July Cosmo Man On Fire shoot wearing a warm smile and bearing his bubbly personality. Not only did the Cosmo team love his professionalism as a model, but also the playful energy he brought to
Check out behind-the-scenes pics from the Cosmo shoot of one of the most eligible bachelors in local showbiz.
Making Pinoy movie and TV viewers fall in love is nothing new to Cosmo's February 2011 Man on Fire, Richard Gutierrez. Each year since he became a certified matinee idol, he has starred in several super-kilig Valentine flicks such as