Secrets from the selfie expert herself!
Selfies have become a thing thanks to social media (so much so that it's already in the Oxford Dictionary), and it's not about to disappear from your feeds anytime soon. So if you want to up your selfie game to
Listen to what she has to say and you might be surprised.
Cockblocking friends are something I came across all too frequently when interviewing singles for my new dating guide. Going out with a single girlfriend should be a level playing field; you should look out for each other and boost each other's
Because life is awkward enough without people knowing you're ignoring them.
The read receipt or the "seen zone"; the enemy of all who wish to gaze upon wistful messages from long lost (for a reason) frenemies, then pretend they didn't receive them. Wouldn't it be nice for everyone involved if you
Watch this DIY video!
Who doesn't want a delicious, energizing snack that you can eat on-the-go? Trail mix is great to munch on while working or while you're trekking. Making your own saves you money, plus, you can personalize it with your
Are you shitty at flirting? Follow our handy guide, and your sparkling wit will have you crowned the Queen of Flirts in no time.
Flirting. It's not just an entry requirement for getting into the dating club, it's the very foundation on which attraction is built. When chatting with someone you like, playful chat and sparkling wit are what give someone the edge on
Match your nail and lip color perfectly with Revlon.
Master these secrets for winning over a guy friend, acquaintance, or sexy stranger effortlessly!
How To Make A Guy Friend See You As A Possible GirlfriendTake him out for a spicy dinner, like Mexican or Thai. The hot sensation triggers an unconscious personality association, so he'll see you as a fiery chick. Follow it up
Does the job you're applying for call for something more creative than a one-page sheet listing your achievements? Try making your own video resume. Follow these tips.
Watch behind-the-scenes footage of the June 2010 Cosmo Bride shoot and get tips for looking your best on <em>your </em>wedding day--or any wedding you'll attend for that matter.
Get a mini life makeover and improve big and small details of your life with the help of these companions and must-trys.
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