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Look fresh and awake in seconds!
Eye bags or dark circles-whichever you want to call them-make us look sleep-deprived. Sure, eye creams are there to treat them, but if you want instant results, a mighty concealer is the answer. Below, we listed down the 10
Use them up to 15 times!
Most Asians aren't blessed in the lash department. But because of falsies, our peepers can now look glamorous whenever and wherever we want! The problem, though, is they're expensive, and if we wore them every day, we'd have to
Did your fave make the cut?
In the world of beauty YouTubers/gurus/Instagrammers/bloggers, there are just soooo many that it's hard to think which of them is "the best"-they're all great, BTW, but if there were a hierarchy of beauty gurus, who do