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Director Antoinette Jadaone also talked about a possible sequel.
2014 film That Thing Called Tadhana has cemented its place in Pinoy pop culture-it gave rise to the word "hugot" which has become part of the colloquial Filipino vocabulary, it made Sagada a go-to local destination, and it encouraged brokenhearted
Medyo masakit pero kaya mo ‘yan.
Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and ~*love is in the air*~! But we're sure there are a lot of people out there na, to put it simply, maraming pinagdadaanan sa love life. By now, your social media feeds
Aww, they even wore hanboks.
Different dance covers of Sarah Geronimo's "Tala" have been popping up all over the internet, but here's one you *probably* haven't seen before: Sisters Faye, Gracles, and Nathalie Dela Rosa did the challenge in different locations
Check out their new singles, 'Kakayanin Kaya' and 'No One Else!'
Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber have just released their solo songs, "Kakayanin Kaya" and "No One Else," today, February 22. Maymay's "Kakayanin Kaya" is a hugot song about the dilemma of letting go of a significant other, while Edward's "No
Her answer to the dentist's 'are you numb?' question is hilarious!
Most of us has had experience in having our wisdom teeth extracted, and one of them is former Pinoy Big Brother housemate and one half of the love team DonKiss, Kisses Delavin!Kisses recently went to the dentist to have a wisdom
How one hell of a trip became the trip from hell!
Erwin* and I met while I was studying abroad, and we stayed in touch when I moved back to the Philippines. After a few years of sprawling email conversations, and lots of hints about his feelings for me, he told me he
'Sana rin, matutunan natin na rumespeto.'
Glaiza De Castro defended her longtime BFF Angelica Panganiban from the backlash the latter has been receiving from all the "hugot" she shares to the public. In an interview with, the Contessa lead actress backed Angge in her unfiltered comments
Paramore’s hits are popular among Pinoys.
When you think about your first love or your first breakup, there's probably that one song that hits too close to home-no matter how much time has passed. In February 2018, Spotify revealed the most popular songs when it comes
Because he can.
We got our favorite crush of the moment JC Santos to recite a few of John Lloyd Cruz's most famous hugot lines. The result? Pure FEELS. Watch JC take on an acting challenge of Lloydie's biggest movie hits (One More
'But like anything, too much of it can kill you – like love.'
Every woman who has gone through a breakup knows this to be true: moving on is never easy. There will be a lot of crying, binge-eating, movie marathons, and well, more crying. But, experiencing heartbreak is the first step to moving
'Abot kamay na, nakawala pa.'
Pokémon GO just launched last Saturday, and in true Pinoy fashion, the Internet is already full of hugot! Here are our favorites:abot kamay na,nakawala pa #PokemonGo #HugotButi pa #pokemon kina-Catch mo, ako nahuhulog na wala pa rin. #hugotmon #
And watch them sing Salbakuta's OG hugot hit, 'S2pid Luv!'
Arci Munoz, Bela Padilla, Andi Eigenmann, Yassi Pressman, and Kim Molina are the five girls who headline Viva Entertainment's upcoming movie Camp Sawi.Yup, no need to guess here; 'tis yet another #hugot film we're not-so-secretly dying to
Girl went all hugot over her hair!
Instagram/iamangelicapAngelica Panganiban has been recently making all these hugot jokes on her Sunday variety show Banana Sundae.Over the weekend, the Kapamilya actress' drastic hair chop in January was the butt of her jokes. In a report by ABS-CBN, Angelica
See, even Miss Universe can get sawi!
Instagram/bessiebesanaJust like any normal girl, Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach knows what it feels like to be dumped. Yes, CGs, you are not alone 'cause Queen Pia herself went through all them sawi feels just recently.In her interview on Tonight
'There were Christmases when you were mine...' BRB CRYING.
1. "Christmas Lights" by ColdplayHeartbreaking lyric: "Those Christmas lights light up the street / Maybe they'll bring her back to me / Then all my troubles will be gone / Oh Christmas lights, keep shining on"This song narrates a fight between two lovers
'Maybe if you cried enough, all the sadness would leave your body along with your tears.'
You are Cathy, and you and your boyfriend-ex-boyfriend-broke up the night before.The morning after, you wake up early, much earlier than normal, and as soon as you do, the truth hits you: You are no longer together. The
Of course Adele's in here.
1. "Your Type" by Carly Rae JepsenHugot lyric: "I'm not the type of girl for you / And I'm not going to pretend / That I'm the type of girl you call more than a friend"Perfect for: Wasting away in
1. Never going on a real date. If you're lucky enough to see each other once a week because of your clashing schedules, dates consist of eating out for an hour or two or going to each other's house and
Applicable to friends (with or without benefits), and sort of significant others.
1. "Lol" or "Hahaha" is their favorite reply. Whether you make them kwento about something interesting that happened to you today, send them a funny video on Facebook, or share a link from your favorite website, if their default response is either "