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Because true love never dies.
With all the merchants vying for people's attention around Valentine's Day, one flower shop decided to think out of the box. (Or should we say, "out of the vase?")A floral shop in Market! Market! (Bonifacio Global City, Taguig) called
'It's okay, maganda naman tayo.'
Life isn't a cakewalk. You know that, and your BFF knows that, but sometimes she may need a reminder or two that no matter how frustrating things are, a dose of humor can always help. Here are a few things you
From minor oops to major humiliation, here are nine wacky things that will get you noticed by men--in a bad way.
You want to mingle and not be a wallflower...but you really don't want to attract attention to yourself with any of these embarrassing acts, especially when you're trying to snag a date (in time for V-Day, perhaps?). Here