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You enjoy reading his "candid" answers to our questions, giving you the impression that Jommy is "genuine," through and through--and we can tell you, he is. See for yourself when you watch the interview footage.
Which of the featured hunks online did you, dear readers, view most in the past year? Find out in this hot list--and revisit their pages!
There's no other expert on MEN but Cosmo. Whether they're celebs or ordinary guys, we love men as much as you do. And if they're hot and worth knowing more, you can count on us to introduce them to
Sometimes, you just need a breath of fresh air in your love life. Check out the last stretch of Jaco's Cosmo hunk feature, and be inspired to snag your own sexy new man!
Sometimes, good things must come to an end--like Jaco Benin's stint as Cosmo Online Hunk. But, as with relationships, it need not be a sad ending, right? Who knows, we might have him again in our online pages soon (wink,
The former Cosmo Centerfold and Online Hunk was named one of the country's 100 Most Beautiful. We caught up with him to get <i>his</i> thoughts on beauty.
Rocco Nacino proved to be one of your favorite hunks last year: when we saw how much you loved him when we made him Summer Cosmo Online Hunk, we knew we had to make him a Cosmo Centerfold, too. You definitely gave
Cosmo obviously can't get enough of this Centerfold, and we caught up with him again at the launch of his latest yummy endorsement. We give you this exclusive.
Aljur Abrenica has wowed you on GMA-7's Party Pilipinas and given you goosebumps on Spooky Nights, but you're probably still hung up on his smokin' hot Machete bod. The 21-year-old actor/recording artist is still the Ultimate
"Filipinas...[are] one of the reasons I'm coming back," says the <i>Gossip Girl</i> hunk. Cosmo publishes excerpts from his recent Manila presscon!
Ed Westwick plays a perfectly polished, devilishly handsome bad boy in the hit CW TV series Gossip Girl. Whether or not he has on his Chuck Bass hat, the British actor has an undeniably sexy sense of style, which makes him all
As we officially bid summer goodbye, we introduce the first featured hunk in Cosmo's two-month college season. Get to know this singer/actor on his first week!
As part of the hottest new boyband in the country, he sings, dances, hosts, and is fast becoming the ultimate "Crush ng Bayan." We wanted to be the among the first to unveil this super hot stud, so we're making him
Since it's Holy Week, we've toned down our April hunk: he's keeping his shirt on this week. But, he's still high on the hotness meter, so click through all pics!
Your four-day Holy Week break begins tomorrow--what have you got planned? If you'll be traveling, lucky you! But, you don't have to feel bad or bored about being stuck in the city...especially when there are cute guys
Because we saw how much you loved him (his gallery was top content last Wednesday!), we're treating you to 100 photos of him this week! Plus, a fun Q&A.
Even if you're staying within the city, we have our own ways of making this a memorable summer. One of those ways for us in Cosmo--and for you--is to check out sizzling photos of our April Online Hunk Markki
Yes, our March hottie is very much available! Find out what would make him give up that single status.
A man stays single for a variety of reasons: maybe he just wants to focus on building a career for himself first, maybe he's still not ready to commit since he's having too much time playing the field or he
This <i>Survivor Philippines</i> hottie will make your fave season the most amazing ever, as he wows you on his turn as featured Cosmo hunk.
The heat is on this month in Cosmo as we welcome an exciting summer season and another online hunk that will make the temperature rise even higher. As we introduce this month's Online Hunk, Marvin Kiefer, be sure to have a
Pick up some V-Day dating tips from this hot commercial model and up-and-coming actor.
Still dateless on Valentine's Day? Or wondering about some conversation topics for your date? Whichever group you belong to this season, we know you'd love the "ideal" date we're bringing you: Gino Dela Pena. So, why don't you '
Our February hottie will give you reasons to fall in love each week, all month long!
In the season that highlights our relationship status--whether it's single, in a relationship, or complicated--we're all led to wonder about the men in our lives (or lack thereof). We all have our ideas of Mr. Right--and he'
On his final week as our January hottie, the ABS-CBN star talks about seduction, one-night stands, cougars, and indecent proposals.
For the past three weeks, we asked our Online Hunk Paul Jake Castillo about his life before and after Pinoy Big Brother, his preference in girls, and his take on relationships and breakups. But, admit it, you'd want to read more
For a fresh start as we usher in 2011, we're giving you one of the freshest, cutest faces in showbiz as this month's featured hottie!
Happy New Year, Cosmo girls! To give you a breath of fresh air for a fun, fab 2011, we picked a hot, fresh celeb with such a bright, cute face to be this month's Online Hunk--Paul Jake Castillo. Before his
We're turning this boy-next-door actor into a fashionable hunk for Fashion Month in Cosmo! Get to know him as we unveil the buff bod underneath his clothes!
November is Fashion Month in Cosmo, and even our Online Hunk is in theme! After all, men can and do love fashion, too, whether they dress for themselves or the ladies. So we're dressing up actor Rodjun Cruz in the most
The hunky actor talks about his career and the challenges in his new primetime series, his blossoming friendship with his co-star, and more.
They say good things come to those who wait. After appearing consistently on TV5's weekly slot, Cosmo's December 2009 Man On Fire JC de Vera has returned to primetime TV-in a new show and in a new love triangle.
Marco took the stage by storm when he took it all off in <i>Equus</i>. What's next for this talented cutie?
Marco Manalac received a great deal of showbiz attention after he appeared as Alan Strang in the local adaptation of the controversial play Equus. His full frontal nudity in the play (Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe played the same role in 2007)
The <i>Starstruck</i> cutie is simply so charming and hilarious, as you will see for yourself when you watch behind-the-scenes footage of his shoot and his interview!
This super hot actor spills juicy details about his experiences with women--from his pet peeves and heartbreaks to his sexual fantasies!
JC De Vera (read another story about him here) just keeps getting hotter. We know you can't stop drooling over his drop-dead gorgeous body and super guwapo features. But more than these physical attributes, this guy is also one talented