You enjoy reading his "candid" answers to our questions, giving you the impression that Jommy is "genuine," through and through--and we can tell you, he is. See for yourself when you watch the interview footage.
Which of the featured hunks online did you, dear readers, view most in the past year? Find out in this hot list--and revisit their pages!
There's no other expert on MEN but Cosmo. Whether they're celebs or ordinary guys, we love men as much as you do. And if they're hot and worth knowing more, you can count on us to introduce them to
Sometimes, you just need a breath of fresh air in your love life. Check out the last stretch of Jaco's Cosmo hunk feature, and be inspired to snag your own sexy new man!
Sometimes, good things must come to an end--like Jaco Benin's stint as Cosmo Online Hunk. But, as with relationships, it need not be a sad ending, right? Who knows, we might have him again in our online pages soon (wink,
The former Cosmo Centerfold and Online Hunk was named one of the country's 100 Most Beautiful. We caught up with him to get <i>his</i> thoughts on beauty.
Rocco Nacino proved to be one of your favorite hunks last year: when we saw how much you loved him when we made him Summer Cosmo Online Hunk, we knew we had to make him a Cosmo Centerfold, too. You definitely gave
Cosmo obviously can't get enough of this Centerfold, and we caught up with him again at the launch of his latest yummy endorsement. We give you this exclusive.
Aljur Abrenica has wowed you on GMA-7's Party Pilipinas and given you goosebumps on Spooky Nights, but you're probably still hung up on his smokin' hot Machete bod. The 21-year-old actor/recording artist is still the Ultimate
"Filipinas...[are] one of the reasons I'm coming back," says the <i>Gossip Girl</i> hunk. Cosmo publishes excerpts from his recent Manila presscon!
Ed Westwick plays a perfectly polished, devilishly handsome bad boy in the hit CW TV series Gossip Girl. Whether or not he has on his Chuck Bass hat, the British actor has an undeniably sexy sense of style, which makes him all
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