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She uses a mix of poster paint and makeup!
Having been under quarantine for quite some time, I think it's safe to say that we've all experienced trying a new activity at least once. Some have decided to collect indoor plants while others have been busy with
There's even one with Captain Ri talking to his tomato plant!
The Crash Landing On You fever isn't over. Sure, we may have finished watching-and REWATCHING-the series, but Captain Ri (Hyun Bin) and Se-ri (Son Ye Jin) will stay in our hearts forever. And because we're
Just in time for their ninth anniversary as a couple!
Anne Curtis commissioned one of her favorite artists to create an aegyo illustration to surprise Erwan Heussaff. Puuung, whose viral love series you might have seen online, turned one of Anne's favorite couple photos of theirs into this super cute illustration.
Beauty junkies, you NEED to look at these.
What gives a beauty addict life and inspiration? More makeup, of course! The industry is sooo huge that you can never run out of products to look at and try out. But when beauty is combined with art, well, it will give