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What would success look like to her?
Unless your new job title is Duchess of Cambridge or Dictator of a Small Country, you report to someone. Make that person's life as easy as possible from day one, and only good things will happen for you.1. Figure out
You'll be attending a lot of parties and gatherings with your guy this holiday season. Learn how to make a good impression and socialize as a couple.
Give Him A Suave IntroIn the first meet-and-greet, "steer the [convo] to something special he's done," says Matthew McKay, PhD, co-author of Couple Skills. "It gives him a chance to jump in."Share What You've Shared"Mentioning
So, the two of you hit it off the first time and made it to date two. Here's what you can learn about him, to see if he's worth dating again.
1. His Maturity LevelDid he plan ahead and make a reservation, or is it all spur-of-the-moment? Though both can be fun, a man should be thinking in advance at this stage. A "whatever you want" attitude is well-meaning,
Some actions that initially seem like turn-offs are actually signs he wants to impress you. Here's how to get the real deal.
Move #1: He brags about himself.Successful guys who are used to getting praise from their peers may fall back on their resumes during dates, too. Cut through the boasting with emotion-based questions about why he likes his big-bucks job
To make a relationship work--and last--it's important that you get along with each other's friends. Find out if you sit well with them through this quiz!
Nervous about your first few days at university? Follow these tips on going from awkward freshie to social butterfly.
It's never the easiest thing to find your footing in a new environment, as it forces you to step out of your comfort zone. Having to make new friends, good impressions, and good grades are just the tip of the campus