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'I fell in love with her probably three weeks into dating her.'
There's no timeline for when you should fall in love with someone. You may hear stories from some couples about how they fell in love at first sight (#jealous), and others who hated each other when they first met. (With my
Time really is a healer—but not for the reason you might think.
If you've ever wondered why heartbreak is supposed to hurt more when you're younger, it turns out there could be a scientific explanation as to why. And it's not just because you've never experienced
Sweating? Neglecting your phone when they’re around? Oh yeah, it’s lurve.
Look, falling in love isn't an exact science-er, I mean, I guess it is kind of scientific when you consider there's a love-inducing hormone called oxytocin that surges in your body when you're catching feels for someone.
'I think it's a conscious effort and not something that just happens.'
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Is this the only place in Hollywood to meet people?
When you don't have time to go on normal dates, the only thing left to do is date your co-stars.*** This article originally appeared on Minor edits have been made by the editors.
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Maisie Williams, Reese Witherspoon, and Prince William are just like us, really.
It's so exciting when a ridiculously famous person goes out with a non-celebrity, because it must mean we all stand a chance with Brad Pitt.Or not.Either way, here are 12 stars keeping it real with their unknown partners
Aminin mo na kasi.
For most of us, college was when we experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows. The two major things (that are equally the best and worst times of your life) you could experience in those four years are falling in
Emma Stone is still very much in love with ex-boyfriend Andrew Garfield.The couple split last year after four years of dating. The Birdman star is now single, but she was happy to talk about her feelings for her The Amazing
'Finally, I can feel again.'
Kristen Stewart has finally confirmed her relationship with girlfriend Alicia Cargile because she doesn't want it to seem like she's ashamed of it.The Twilight actress has been fiercely private about her personal life and has dodged labeling her sexuality
He posted the sweetest photo grid on IG. *kilig!*
Instagram/jaye.wolfYes, this is another IG tribute James Reid has posted about his girlfriend (YESSS, we gotta get used to that term now) Nadine Lustre.Hayyyyy! *swoons*James made our hearts melt (yet AGAIN) as he posted a photo grid of
James wanted to court Nadz the traditional Pinoy way! Aww.
Ok, so we still aren't even close to being over the fact that James Reid and Nadine Lustre are dating IRL. (Like srsly, we are NOT)News of their official status just broke the internet over the weekend and, tbh, we
The feeling is mutual.
Hailey Baldwin reciprocated Justin Bieber's feelings, admitting she "loves" the singer.The 19-year-old model was first linked to Justin last year and the two have remained silent on the rumors since, except a few cuddly Instagram pictures. However, on
You go, gurl.
Andi Eigenmann, whose love life has been the subject of controversy, reveals on Tonight With Boy Abunda that she has finally found the "right person.""I finally have learned to move on. And [I] realized that it's about time I start
'That's what made me write about everything I've ever done, because I've got his love.'
Adele only has praises for her "amazing" boyfriend Simon Konecki, insisting his love has helped her heal from the heartbreaks of her past.The soulful singer has always been guarded about her relationship with the charity boss and the father of her
You need to back off.
I want to tell you to get over the fact that you're in the friend zone and have always been there, but that would be harsh. I don't think anyone in love can stand to hear that, what more comprehend
Wondering if the <em>kilig</em> feeling will last for long? Here, Cosmo names hints that you’re hot for each other and have what it takes to make it last.