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She's turning 24 in March!
As she turns 24 on March 26, Kathryn Bernardo is determined to become more independent this year.She says, "I have to work on that. Iyan ang promise ko this year...more of my independence."Ewan ko, grabe lang nangyari sa 2019.
PSA: Living alone is not that easy!
While it's common practice for young adults in other countries to move out immediately after high school or college, that's not the case in the Philippines. I'm sure that most of us, who are well in
Sneaking around with the boyfriend at home is just way too complicated.
1. Your mom and dad have imposed an unreasonable curfew.They say it's because you enjoy partying too much and stealing the night away with your barkada. The saddest part about all of this: you're nearing your thirties!2. The
Ditch your excuses and flex your budgeting muscles with this quick guide.
Let's get started: Definition of termsOne-time expenses: You'll need up to three months' worth of advance rent and deposit each, and money for furniture and appliances, unless you can borrow from your parents.Recurring expenses: There's rent, association
Itching to live on your own? Cosmo shows you how to work towards your very own Independence Day.
While it's the norm for 20-somethings in the Western world to move out of the family home, Pinays customarily wait 'til they get married. There's comfort and security in staying at home and clinging on to our sheltered lives
There's no reason to put off achieving your goals and making big (or small) decisions until you're in a relationship. You don't need a man to do these.
1. Buy a home. If you can afford one, first-time buyers can take advantage of great incentives now.2. Find your A-spot. It's located above the G-spot, and some women report having orgasms when it's touched. It'
Feeling insecure about your lack of a significant other? Here are three reasons you should embrace being single.
The true indication of a strong, independent woman is how she embraces singlehood. It's never too late for this. People come along in our lives for a second or a lifetime to teach us something. So whatever the lesson was, I
Have you saved up enough for your first condo? Or are you thinking of finding your own place? Check out this new classifieds website dedicated to real estate.
One of the milestones of adulthood is moving out of your parents' house to live in your own place. Bidding farewell to free food and no rent aside, this is our way of proving that we can fend for ourselves. If, by
Our Quickie Blogger Sheng gives very practical tips for Cosmo chicks who want to live on their own, after her "dry run" while living in the US.
SAN FRANCISCO - I was multitasking the other day, keeping an eye on dinner cooking on the stovetop, loading up the washer with laundry, and folding clean clothes straight out of the dryer. A couple of hours before that, I made a dent
Does the thought of living independently scare you? Cereb shows the fun side of it in her latest Quickie offering.