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1. The Girls by Emma ClineThe Girls is set in 1960s San Francisco, when Charles Manson went around recruiting women into his cult. It's all about female friendship and the struggle of navigating insecurities and rebellion during puberty. But this is
Alpha females can be kind, too.
Most of the time, independent women are frowned upon because of their domineering personalities. They're often misunderstood and are stereotyped as bitches who can't take 'no' for an answer. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about strong-willed
It's never a dull moment with her!
Whether it's with your career, relationships, or as a person in general, independent women push their partners towards excellence. She's not the type to belittle your achievements but rather praise you for it. You'll be more motivated to
Because we all need a little help sometimes.
Adulting has got to be one of the most intimidating parts of life. From birth, we've followed a rough "plan"; we knew what we were supposed to do next. Adulting can be jarring and it's different for everyone. It can
At 18, Christine Allado left college and moved to HK to follow her dreams. Eight years later, she's performing in London's West End.
Eight years ago, Christine Allado left behind her life in the Philippines to pursue a musical career in Hong Kong. Soon after, she took up Musical Theatre at the Royal Academy of Music and now, Christine is a London-based singer, theatre
26-year-old Pamela Mejia retells the story of how fashion and business led her to her true calling: social entrepreneurship.
Pamela Mejia has already pursued three businesses to fund personal projects and pay her way through college. But this 26-year-old is now tackling something bigger: her fourth business venture, called Phinix, hopes to tackle the textile waste problem in the
She won't act out of insecurity and has no problem admitting when she's wrong.
1. Because she's confident, she wants you to be confident too. Telling her, "I'm intimidated by you" is more likely to make her roll her eyes than feel flattered, if that was your goal. She can hold her own in
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