It looked like the most incredible sunset!
On Saturday, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas only went and put a ring on it, in a wedding ceremony at the royal palace in India.The Christian ceremony at Umaid Bhawan Palace was officiated by Nick's dad Paul Kevin Jonas
Nick and Joe Jonas sang, Priyanka danced with her mom, and even Sophie Turner got on stage.
Hello, good morning, and I hope that you weren't foolish enough to think that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas were done sharing details about their wedding, because I have a feeling that they are just getting started.Yesterday the newlyweds-
It's happening!
Remember when Priyanka Chopra posted those pictures of her and Nick Jonas hanging out in India this week and we were all like, "OMG is the wedding happening this soon!!!?" It looks like we were on track because they just officially began
Their dancing, tho!
Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra confirmed their engagement this weekend in an Instagram so cute that my heart is still re-forming itself due to melting into a literal puddle. And then? Then they literally danced the night away, and went ahead
Hint: the production value is INTENSE.
Not a lot of people watch Bollywood films in the PH-understandable since we didn't really have access to them before-but there are now streaming sites where you can watch them. If you ever come across one (especially musical
And they're finally introducing their fams!
Important life update for those of you extremely invested in Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' whirlwind romance. The pair is officially introducing their families to each other this weekend during an engagement party in Mumbai.It's been reported that
Better update that resume!
If you're looking to work abroad, several things may up your chances, including your education, your foreign language proficiency, and of course, the hiring rates of the country you're planning to work in.According to a survey of
Looks like God's own vacay destination.
India is a destination right out of a storybook. There are the majestic monuments (the Taj Mahal is only one of many), the wild Bengal tigers that make up the fantastic beasts, and, of course, the colorful scenes to experience at the
India, here we come!
Apart from the Taj Mahal, the Ganges, and the Sri Harmandir Sahib, here's one more reason to book a flight to India ASAP.Hawai Adda, India's first airplane restaurant, opened its doors last December, and it's as gorgeous as
We need more brands like this.
Viva N Diva, an Indian designer label that makes traditional wear, has enlisted acid attack survivor Laxmi Saa as its newest campaign model. A suitor threw acid at Laxmi when she was only 15, after she rejected his offer for marriage.In
You can have unique cuisine from Spain, India, Italy, and Germany right in your own home. Be inspired by these dishes made with ingredients from the supermarket!
You don't always have to eat out to enjoy different cuisines. Put your culinary skills to use and add some exciting new elements to your dishes. Why not have a candlelit Italian dinner at home with your man? Or, why don'
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