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You might even want to get an extra one for yourself!
With Christmas just around the corner, you're probably already thinking about what gifts you can give your family and friends. Usually it's food, trendy clothes, or aesthetic home decor items that first come to mind. But if you&#
These plants are low-maintenance, too!
Succulents are popular desk plants for a reason-they're pretty to look at and won't take up a lot of space. However, there are many other tiny plants that are just as adorable as succulents, and they'
We get it, you have your eye on more gorgeous greenery.
What may have started as a random hobby has now blossomed into a full-blown passion. You *officially* live in a jungle, and guess what? You're thinking about adding more to your growing plant collection. Right now, each one of your
Check out the actress' pretty indoor trees!
If you pay close attention to the background of Heart Evangelista's Instagram photos, you'll notice that her home is stylishly peppered with houseplants! Like many other celebs, the actress has gotten into gardening during the quarantine. Take a
Take a look at her amazing plant collection!
Like many of us, Jinkee Pacquiao has been growing her very own indoor garden. In Jinkee and husband Manny's mansion in General Santos City, houseplants are beautifully scattered in almost every part of the home, from their entryway, to their
You'll love her indoor garden!
Kathryn Bernardo is one of the many celebrities who've embraced the plant parent life while in quarantine. The actress shares that it was Daniel Padilla who influenced her to start her own indoor garden, and she hasn't looked
Check out these light-loving plants!
Are you planning to grow your own indoor garden? Familiarize yourself with these plants that grow best when placed near windows! ALSO READ: How *Exactly* Do You Take Care Of An Aloe Vera Plant?Succulents love light, so if you're
Give your plain planters a subtle upgrade.
If you can spruce up your walls with line art prints, you can absolutely do the same with your indoor garden. Conveniently, plant pots decorated with different kinds of line art are becoming more popular online, so you can easily level up
For anyone thinking about upgrading their favorite room with a little greenery.
If there's anything we've learned during quarantine, it's that being around plants can do so much good for your overall well-being. In fact, one study found that it can reduce stress. Another study says that
Fill your indoor garden with this pretty hue.
Can't get enough of pink plants? Don't worry, we can't either. They let you have the best of both worlds by giving you the benefits of having indoor greens and the novelty of eye-catching decor.
Here are plants that can survive (almost) anything—including your black thumb.
You've no doubt noticed that ever since quarantine began, more and more people have started building their home gardens-slowly bringing nature closer to them as we stay indoors during a pandemic. It started with buying that *first* plant then
These are perfect for forgetful plant owners.
There are some indoor plants that don't need water as much as others-in fact, overwatering could even be the reason why they aren't thriving! Check them out below: This popular houseplant prefers to be left alone-water
Make your #aesthetic plantita dreams come true!
Do you recall when Nadine Lustre gave us a tour of her pretty flower corner at home? She showed ~aesthetic~ floral arrangements that made us want to have our own floral-themed spot in our houses. Well, she made it easy to
To all the new halamoms out there, hello and welcome to the plantita community. We've written several articles on different types of plants you might be interested in adding to your indoor garden, and listed down several aesthetic tools to
You might want to take notes!
Aside from baking and reorganizing spaces with *pretty* home decor, it seems like collecting plants is one other hobby that everyone has been obsessed with lately. There are so many kinds out there-from succulents to air-purifying plants to palm plants,
They aren't plain greens, that's for sure!
Indoor plants have more to offer your home than just a splash of green. Pink plants, for one, are a foolproof choice for a dainty splash of color. But if you're a sucker for prints, check out these stunning patterned
It’s called Hijau and they have three subscription options.
Left and right, people have been buying plants for their new indoor gardens. And if you're going to be honest with yourself, a part of you has been dying to join in all the fun. Having plants around can reduce
Add some elegance to a plain display.
When you want to add more color to your garden but can't commit to new plants, shopping for a fresh set of pots is the next best thing. For a minimalist and elegant feel that pleases the eye, you can&#
Check out these shade-loving houseplants!
Whether you live in a condo or a house, there will be some parts of your home that won't receive as much natural light as the others. Adding greenery to these dim areas might not seem like a good idea,
You might get inspo from these!
Out of all the hobbies in the universe, I think home gardening is something that everyone should try at least once. ICYDK, literally *adding life* to your space has some good benefits. Plants do more than just give ~aesthetic~ to a dull