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'Mayroon talagang temptations.'
In their latest vlog, celebrity couple Sophie Albert and Vin Abrenica sat down to answer *personal and juicy* questions they never asked each other, including one about cheating. Sophie asked her soon-to-be-husband if he believes men cannot resist the
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A World Of Married Couple, aside from making our blood boil, is super entertaining despite having the *worst* characters! If you love the show, here are seven drama recommendations from Cosmo Girls about infidelity, memory loss, dysfunctional families, and revenge: When a
All together now: 'Pangit ba 'ko?'
We listed down five Pinoy movies about different kinds of cheating, in case you needed a good cry...or a good laugh! P.S. Whether it's physical or emotional, we all know that infidelity is not okay and that there&#
He is wildly, wildly, wealthy.
Tristan Thompson has been alllll up in the headlines lately, and, unsurprisingly, it's not for a good reason. In case you somehow managed to miss the millions of memes about it, Tristan and Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner's BFF,
'Kung mahal mo, mag-sorry ka.'
It looks like the recent controversy involving young actors Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto isn't dying down soon, even with Joshua's tearful live television tell-all-slash-apology about his viral Instagram DM. In a Facebook page dedicated
Toni Gonzaga finally speaks up about those cheating rumors.
After months of cheating rumors around director Paul Soriano's alleged love affair with Erich Gonzales, the star of his latest movie Siargao, the legal wife finally speaks up. SIARGAO #Film #TEN17P the sidelines of the launch of
It turns out there's some truth to 'Once a cheater, always a cheater.'
Remember that it takes two to tango.
We know that there's nothing empowering about being the third party in a relationship; and to add to the cons of that list, when an affair gets discovered, most people tend to blame "the other woman." It doesn't end
Unhappiness can lead people to do some very bad things.
According to a study published in National Center for Biotechnology Information, women cheat as much as men do.The researchers found out that nearly 25 percent of men cheat and a little over 20 percent of women do, too."Low relationship happiness
'It's not true.'
The past week has been nothing but dramatic for Gab Valenciano and his wife Tricia Centenera. Amidst divorce and emotional abuse claims by Tricia, Gab's alleged unfaithfulness to her in their marriage was made even more scandalous with the mention of
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on September 13, 2016!
1 Tricia Centenera has finally spoken up about all the rumors surrounding her marriage with Gab Valenciano. In an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN, Tricia confirmed that her husband wants a divorce and that they are currently separated. She also revealed Gab
When it comes to sex and emotions, men and women don't always see eye to eye.
Would you rather be cheated on emotionally or physically? In a perfect world, people would never cheat. Couples in love will remain faithful to each other and live happily ever after. For some people, this is a reality. Unfortunately, others aren't
Stop the presses--Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are seeing each other again! Do you think he's right to give his cheating ex another chance? Vote in our poll!
It's all over Hollywood news--Robsten may be back together.Yesterday, Us Magazine reported that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been seeing each other again, with a source saying that the ex-couple are "working it out" and that the
By now, you've heard that Kristen Stewart cheated on BF Robert Pattinson. In this shocking Hollywood drama, everyone has an opinion. We want to know what yours are.
If there's one thought that's been hanging like a heavy raincloud in every girl's mind since news hit that Kristen Stewart was cheating on BF Robert Pattinson, it's this: "What was she thinking?" (Runners-up are "Rob, if
Predict how your new guy will behave down the road by keeping an eye out for these telling signs. Each one represents a red flag that he may have trouble staying faithful.
1. He shrugs off his buddies' infidelities.2. Even if he's sweet, he fails to do much of anything romantic.3. He "jokingly" reminds you that you beat out other women who wanted him.4. Almost nothing triggers any kind of
Should you forgive him after he strays? Answering these important queries will help you see the issue in a better light and come to a clear decision.
1. Was it a one-time thing or something more?Don't forget that, either way, your guy was still unfaithful and disrespected your bond. But, it may be harder to put it behind you if it was an ongoing hook-up
Studies show that men are more likely to two-time in warm-weather months. Look out for warnings and know how to handle the sitch.
We hate to put a damper on all the out-of-town trips you've been planning, but there's some surprising news you need to know: Summer is cheat season--the time of year when people are most likely to sneak
Can you repair a relationship broken by infidelity? One psychiatrist thinks it's possible. Find out how.
Discovering your man's infidelity can be devastating, but a breakup isn't inevitable. Here, psychiatrist Keith Ablow, author of Living the Truth, suggests ways to handle an affair's aftermath.Ask him why.Put your grief, jealousy, and rage aside long
Want to avoid being cheated on--again? Here, mistresses tell all. It's time you read and learn more about your man.
It's a question that plagues all of womankind: Why do guys stray? Maybe it's boredom, commitment-phobia, immaturity, clinging-girlfriend syndrome, rampant and incurable jerk-ism...or a combination of factors. One thing is for sure: When it happens to
Does your man act suspicious when you're apart? Learn tell-tale signs he's being unfaithful from real women who've experienced this betrayal.
They say that "real love goes the distance." But does it really? Do long distance relationships work regardless of air miles or even mere provinces separating you? Both men and women have been successful at cheating while living together, so what more