The prize was P20,000!
ICYMI, Cosmopolitan Philippines recently partnered with livestreaming app Kumu for a Cosmo Quiz Mo Ko mobile game show! Hosted by Kia Del Rosario, the quiz show aired on Thursday, February 6. It featured 10 questions that covered all things Cosmo-from entertainment,
Here's a crash course on how to be the best IG girlfriend ever.
Traveling with your S.O. is one thing you should try to do at least once. You get to go on adventures to places you've never been before, you learn so much from each other when put out of your comfort
'If you are a cactus, why?'
Internet sensation Mimiyuuuh is known for her ~good vibes~, fun personality, and incredible fashion sense! How does she do it? We asked Cosmo girls to send their *urgent* questions for Mimi, and here's what *our girl* had to say: ***VIDEO
She has some ~unexpected~ things in her cabin crew handbag!
Flight attendants lead busy yet fascinating lives-they're constantly on the go and it seems like they're in a new place every day. If you've always wondered what they carry around while they're on
'May plans po ako. Ayokong maging vlogger for my whole life.'
If you'll let me, I would like to start this piece with a confession: I had no idea who Mimiyuuuh was before any of this. The name was familiar though. That much I could have told you. When I was
Learn long-lasting makeup tips here!
We were lucky to take a peek at flight attendant and YouTuber Jen Barangan's makeup routine. We were happy to see that she used products we love ourselves-including BB cream and cheek tint. We're confident that we
Check out her ~special~ cabin crew essentials!
If you've always wondered what's inside a flight attendant's carry-on luggage, Jen Barangan is here to give us a peek. We raided her carry-on to check out her cabin crew essentials, and were surprised
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