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Get ready for the plot twist in KC Montero's version.
The viral dance craze set to Drake's "In My Feelings" originated from Shoker, a comedian and the creator of The Shiggy Show. People took the challenge to the next level when they started dancing next to a moving car and 
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'You wake up every day with a smile.'
Maris Racal gushed over her rumored relationship with actor and recording artist Iñigo Pascual. Following a press conference for her upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival entry Haunted Forest, the actress-singer opened up to about her blossoming romance with
'I'm not talking to anybody else. She's not talking to anybody else.'
Shippers of Iñigo Pascual and Maris Racal might just have another reason to celebrate their love team. In an interview with ABS-CBN, the 20-year-old singer-actor shared his "exclusive" status with Maris:"We are exclusively talking to each