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Jealousy may be cute at first, but it can drive a toxic wedge between partners.
Most of us feel pangs of self doubt every now and then, which is totally normal. But, when it comes to jealousy in relationships, personal insecurities and comparison, it can actually drive a wedge between you and your partner.Insecurity is good
'The one thing I was insecure about, she has.'
Kylie Jenner recently posted a Q&A with her best friend Jordyn Woods to YouTube and spoke candidly about all her post-baby body insecurities. You can read about that over this way, but she also chatted about wanting baby Stormi to
Girls, it's time to snap out of it.
Despite what you know from the science of optics, it seems that mirrors do not actually reflect reality. There's someone staring back at you, but her loosening gut and the entire aura of unsexiness are so unlike the self-image you'
Guys! They're just like us!
1. "My insecurity stems from not having control in a relationship, where I see a girl texting another guy, and not knowing who he is or what the substance of their association could be." -Adam, 24‚Äč2. "Guys are supposed to be
You spend so little time with him, he's starting to think you have a secret family.
Guys get insecure about all sorts of things in a relationship. His insecurities aren't your fault, but if you're both honest about them you can figure out ways to move past them together. Here are some reasons he might be
Goodbye, trust issues and insecurities!
I used to be very insecure with myself. If I could plot when it began, it must have been when I experienced being cheated on in high school. For years I blamed the whole thing on me. How I wasn't sweet
And how to help calm his nerves!
It's only natural for a person in a relationship to get threatened by outside forces (especially when said outside forces are burly males with mad intentions). Trying to protect the union from crumbling due to intruders is a sign that he
Are you faking your orgasm?
1. "Does she notice my body hair?" There are patches of hair where there shouldn't be and smooth, hairless areas where you'd expect it, like some kind of body hair patchwork quilt. Or there's a disturbingly long, single hair
As shown by celebrities!
Let's take a cue from A-listers who flaunted their agaw-pansin features and turned them into assets instead of insecurities. If an artista can WERQ it, then you have no excuse to cover it up!1. A prominent foreheadA prominent
"There's a lot of rejection in this kind of thing... But it's when you persevere [despite] the rejection that you [get] better at your craft," says the coltish model.
She may not be your typical gorgeous model, but there's something simply irresistible about Pauline Prieto. At only 19, she's already won over celeb stylist Liz Uy, Cosmo fashion director Ana Kalaw, and even the scouts of the Paris-based
The former Cosmo cover girl talks about sexiness, men, and the greatest thing she's learned from them: "You should always have a sweet part of you and a sexy part of you."
Every girl is sexy in her own way, but there are some women who just have that extra edge that makes us sit up and take notice. Lovi Poe is one of them. She commands our attention with her sensual charm and
Don't understand why that guy you like is sooo <i>torpe</i>? Here are a few possibilities.
You'd be surprised at how even the most macho, siga ng barangay, alpha males get tongue-tied when speaking to a girl they really like. When it comes to asking her out, the internal debate we experience would put a political