Girls, it's time to snap out of it.
Despite what you know from the science of optics, it seems that mirrors do not actually reflect reality. There's someone staring back at you, but her loosening gut and the entire aura of unsexiness are so unlike the self-image you'
Guys! They're just like us!
1. "My insecurity stems from not having control in a relationship, where I see a girl texting another guy, and not knowing who he is or what the substance of their association could be." -Adam, 24​2. "Guys are supposed to be
You spend so little time with him, he's starting to think you have a secret family.
Guys get insecure about all sorts of things in a relationship. His insecurities aren't your fault, but if you're both honest about them you can figure out ways to move past them together. Here are some reasons he might be
Goodbye, trust issues and insecurities!
I used to be very insecure with myself. If I could plot when it began, it must have been when I experienced being cheated on in high school. For years I blamed the whole thing on me. How I wasn't sweet
And how to help calm his nerves!
It's only natural for a person in a relationship to get threatened by outside forces (especially when said outside forces are burly males with mad intentions). Trying to protect the union from crumbling due to intruders is a sign that he
Are you faking your orgasm?
1. "Does she notice my body hair?" There are patches of hair where there shouldn't be and smooth, hairless areas where you'd expect it, like some kind of body hair patchwork quilt. Or there's a disturbingly long, single hair
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