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Power dressing never looked this good.
When celebrities and style stars begin trading their glorious gowns and dainty dresses for sharp pantsuits, you know it's time to follow suit.Follow Patti on Instagram and check out her blog at interviewed ‘Doorkeeper’ illustrators Bianca Lesaca and Gia Duran.
Meet two talented, Filipina illustrators: Bianca Lesaca and Gia Duran. Most recently, you may have seen their works published in Doorkeeper, a graphic novel by Ethan and Scott Chua. Bianca and Gia dish about what it's ~*really*~ like to work
'Wherever you are right now, you have enough power to make it happen. You are enough.'
It's hard enough keeping a job to feed yourself; imagine doing so to uplift entire communities of people! Be inspired by the stories of these Pinay social entrepreneurs who prove that, yes, it is possible to make your dreams happen-and
27-year-old Angelique de Leon believes that it’s not about being skinny; it’s about being healthy.
If Angelique De Leon looks familiar to you, it's because this 27-year-old beauty regularly competed in Binibining Pilipinas. Prior to joining the pageant world, however, Angelique wasn't as conscious about her unhealthy lifestyle. But she worked hard to
Style inspiration for pint-sized Pinays!
Less than blessed in the height department? No problem! When it comes to dressing a small, delicate frame, these ladies have perfected just that. Don't let their diminutive features fool you-their outfits pack a stylish punch and are more than
'I decided that I didn't want to feel bad about myself anymore.'
For these 10 women, getting fit was never just about gaining a bikini bod. For some, it was a way to practice self-care despite work stress; for others, it formed part of their struggle against health problems; for others still, it