Get to know Agatha Wong, Gigi Esguerra, Angel Mata, and Yeo Kaa.
Everywhere you look, women are taking chances, making progress, and beating the odds-and that's on top of the shit we deal with on a daily basis. For Women's Month, Cosmopolitan Philippines sat down with four women who&#
Meet Michelle Bagarra.
If you just did a double-take, we can't blame you. You're not the first person to think "Kendall Jenner!!!" upon seeing Filipina-Australian model Michelle Bagarra.The 23-year-old, five-foot-10 model has been jetting from continent
Danielle Tan and Christine Tiu are the founders of jewelry brand AMAMI.
People will warn you against going into business with your friends because the change in dynamic could spell disaster not just for your business, but for your bond, too. But for best friends Danielle Tan and Christine Tiu, the opposite happened: Their
'You get to grow every day in this industry.'
Building a career in real estate requires hard work, drive, and a whole lot of charm. If this is a field that you've always wanted to enter, then you're in luck because one Pinay shared what it's really like
Flo Francisco Reyes is a writer and director for TV, film, and live events.
As a TV writer, she's written for shows starring Marian Rivera and Solenn Heussaff. As a film writer, she's penned lines for Iñigo Pascual and Maris Racal. As an events director, she's directed your celebrity boyfriend, Alden Richards.
'We don’t need to be in treatment to actively do things for our mental health.'
Therese Castillo first thought of the idea for Camp Coco while she was working at an addiction treatment center, but it wasn't just the severe cases of addiction and mental health disorders she faced on the daily that got the wheels
Fashion is not as glamorous as everyone thinks.
At first glance, the world of fashion seems like a very glamorous industry. People on the outside assume it's all glam. But in reality, there's more to it than meets the eye. But what's it really like for
Regina Evangelista is the co-founder and CEO of Mr. Outsource.
I'm Regina Evangelista, the co-founder and CEO of Mr. Outsource, Inc., a company based in Davao City that consults and facilitates with business owners in creating effective and efficient remote teams in the Philippines."Co-founder and CEO"-has a
Love Brown is a homegrown, eco-friendly bronzing oil brand.
In a country where skin whitening is one of the most lucrative industries, where do bronzing products fit in?Love Brown, a bronzing oil brand founded by proud morena Michiko Mascariñas, knows the answer to that. This homegrown eco-friendly line
As a young, burnt out marketing professional, it was exactly what I needed.
In September 2018, I jumped on a plane to Madrid, Spain to become an auxiliar de conversacion or a language assistant. It's part of a program led by the Spanish Ministry of Education that enables Filipinos to assist in English
Cherrie D. Atilano's mission is to make farming sexy.
We first featured Cherrie D. Atilano earlier this year for her mission of "Making Farming Sexy"-encouraging young Filipinos, women especially, to go into farming like she has. But it wasn't just that catchy slogan that got us hooked.Cherrie's
I’m a licensed mortician.
If you saw me, I'd probably look to you like a regular young professional Pinay who goes to her office job five days a week, meets up with friends in her downtime, and makes it a point to travel every once
'The only limits we have are the ones we set on ourselves.'
10 years ago, I was working as a volunteer nurse at a government hospital in Baguio. I was very active-always moving around, always traveling, was totally into sports. On a free day, I could go from swimming to kickboxing to playing
You can watch all of them on KUMU!
It takes *a lot* to be a content creator these days, especially when it involves livestreaming! Finding your niche, establishing your voice, and entertaining your audience are just some of the many, many things content creators do-often balancing this gig with
Meet Jasmine Ting.
You know when you stumble upon someone's Insta and then find yourself 42-weeks-deep in their feed, and you realize you are career crushing so hard? That's exactly what happened when we found 23-year-old Jasmine Ting's
Katrina Lopez is an interior designer, and the woman behind Weekend Leather.
If you have a full-time job that requires you to commute, then you know that there isn't much time left in the day to do anything else. Even when you want to work out after hours, meet friends for
Zana spent around P93,000 for her work visa, and it was all worth it.
Zana Ong-Billedo, 27, has always been set on working and settling down overseas. "I honestly studied nursing with the intention of going abroad to find a job and settle down there," says the United Kingdom-based registered nurse.In 2016-four
They called me the Miracle Baby.
I'm 23 years old, and I live for the hustle. I handle digital marketing for social media accounts, dabble in stocks, and organize events, plus I'm part-owner of an app that works as a platform for booking caregivers and
She also owns Quirks, Novelties, and Curiosities.
Tucked in a corner in Uptown Mall is Q House, a quirky café reminiscent of a glass house with a tropical vibe. Q House opened in April 2019, but if it looks or sounds familiar, it's because it's sort of
Meet Gelaine Santiago.
Gelaine Santiago was born in Malolos, Bulacan but moved to Toronto, Canada when she was just three years old, so she's the first to admit that she didn't know much about being Filipino growing up.That all changed on an
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