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'I'm anxious and nothing can help.'
When Olivia Rodrigo casually announced that her debut album, Sour, was on its way, we couldn't contain our excitement. This came just months after she made the world weep with "drivers license", which we know you listened to on repeat
So nagpa-tattoo na naman ako because...
Congratulations on getting a new tattoo! Now that you're inked, you're probably gonna want to show it off to the whole world, or at least, all your followers on Instagram. Even if they're easy to hide,
Lucky foods only.
Before I let you get your copy and paste on, you should know that the Lunar New Year is a holiday celebrated by most Asian countries, including China, Vietnam, Korea, and Tibet, says Nancy Yao Maasbach, president of the Museum of Chinese
The secret ingredient is *always* cheese.
When I pick a show or movie to watch, especially when I can't sleep at night, I actively avoid anything that's set in New York (so that automatically rules out half of all rom-coms, lol). It'
Pot it like it's hot.
If you're a halamom, you probably jump out of bed to check on your plants, celebrate a new growth, and even secretly whisper compliments because they're all. so. beautiful. Your phone gallery, which used to have food flatlays
Just so that it's not all fire or peach emojis.
So we already shared how to take low-key sexy pics for your Instagram, and we also showed you pegs on how to pose for them. Now that you got your perfect thirst trap pic, it's time for the *exciting*
Sassy since birth, obv.
Now that you're spending so much time at home, chances are naghalungkat ka na ng mga gamit mo. Those old pencil cases from grade school? Found them. The cards you made for your parents when you could barely write? They&#
'The only bae I'm going to have on Valentine's Day is baecon.'
So it's that time of the year again. Valentine's Day is coming soon and our social media feeds will most likely be flooded with photos of date nights, couple pics, and public love letters. Well, not to sound
You gotta make that post picture paw-fect! ;)
If you're a dog mom like me, I'm sure we can all agree that we can't help but take cute pics of-and with-our beloved fur babies! You may have even gone a lil'
From song lyrics, to movie quotes, and more.
Christmas is only a few weeks away and I'm pretty sure we're all looking forward to celebrating it with our friends and fam, whether virtually or IRL. After all, it has been one ~intense~ year, amirite? Aside from
Raise your hand if you're so ready for 2020 to be OVER.
Ok can we all just agree that 2020 has been the *longest* year of our lives? And that despite all the good things we've discovered-like our love for plants, home decor, and baking-we're also looking forward
So ~*punny*~!
Aside from choosing the best filter for your photos, another factor you consider is the appropriate caption to describe your post. It completes the essence of the pic, and you get to flex your coolness. One celeb who's sooo good
Boo! Bring out your iconic Halloween looks.
Whether it's a Disney princess, Harley Quinn, or a River vixen, we know you've got at least one Halloween costume you're extremely proud of. (For me, it's the year I dressed up as a
The time? Coffee o'clock!
With the pandemic keeping most of us at home for a good chunk of the year, our usual coffee orders have been replaced by cups of joe made at home. Some may have even decided to become amateur baristas, experimenting with flavors
Nothing says committed like a slideshow of 'definitely candid' couple pics.
In the age of COVID-19, I'd say we are all desperate for some good news. And reaching a serious relationship milestone is certainly a reason to celebrate right now, especially considering so many of our celeb #RelationshipGoals couples didn'
No need to bug your barkada group chat anymore!
Sometimes, the hardest part of taking pictures for the 'gram isn't finding the perfect location or getting the right pose, but thinking of a caption that can best describe your photo without saying too much or too little. You
If you post a cliche, people WILL unfollow.
It's hard enough to express your feelings IRL, but now, you've gotta do it on social media too. Why? Because Valentine's Day.Whether or not you're celebrating with a special someone, this holiday brings
This might be the most important post you read all year.
Um, can you imagine how much we'd all get done if we didn't waste so much time trying to come up with the perfect Instagram captions? Personally, I would've written 12 novels by now. But as anyone with an
Cheers to a new decade!
Pretty sure the countdown to a new decade has begun, and we're also fairly certain that you already have your New Year's outfit ready to go. The only thing missing right now is a killer quote for your #
'Do it for the 'gram.' -Santa Claus
You've hung the stockings by the chimney with care, you're filled to the brim with eggnog, and you managed to take a sneak peek at the gifts your mom got you without knocking over any ornaments. Basically, Christmas