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Save water, drink champagne.
Whether you're greeting the new year with your drink of choice at home or partying the night away with your barkada, we're 100 percent sure you'll be documenting that countdown! Bid adieu to 2017 and welcome
It's called 'chinning.'
Whenever you see a group of people taking a selfie-arm extended or with a stick-you'll notice how it's usually from up top with the camera slightly tilted down. It's the "flattering" angle because the likelihood of a
#Stop #Abusing #Hashtags
When it comes to social media, we all have mixed feelings. Sure, you tell your friend, "You do you, boo," but at the same time, how many #blessed-captioned photos should a person be allowed to post in this lifetime?So we
Don’t panic, girl.
I was hanging out with my mom one day, and as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, a photo of my ex and his new girlfriend came up. Instinctively, I showed her; btw, she has this annoying habit of needing to
But are they hard? Hot? Squishy? Agh.
There's no denying that spaghetti and donuts are two of life's greatest things-but that doesn't mean people are happy with the latest Instagram food craze taking over the internet.Why? Because it's a donut, made out of
And we can confirm: Lighting is everything.
Anyone who's ever had to struggle through getting the perfect #OOTD shot probably has an idea of how much effort it takes to be a blogger or Instagram influencer. It's not as easy as it looks, you guys. Knowing they
It is not a crime to be a confident woman with a sick Insta game.
The newest way to publicly shame women who are simply feeling themselves comes in the form of this "Boyfriends of Instagram" Facebook page, which is dedicated to making fun of women who ask their partners to take cute pictures of them.The
Some people just don't understand.
1. Walking in and realizing that the restaurant has shitty lighting.Is there anything worse than having every dish look like they're all the same color?2. Opting to sit outside because lighting is everything.Even though it's so. freaking.
Instagram husbands, I feel for you.
Let's talk about the unsung heroes. The ones who are forced to wait until their eggs are cold before they can eat them. The wind beneath the wings, if you will. Yes, Instagram husbands. They will never get to leave the
Agencies and talented consultants play a huge role in what you see online.
It's a great time to be a fan of Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, and other celebrities with millions of followers on social media. Celebrity posts a photo or tweet. You join the masses in liking and commenting on the content. Joy
Enough of these, please.
There's no shame in wanting to maintain a clean, well-curated Instagram account. We've all had our fair share of #instahoe moments that got us on the constant lookout for interesting walls, foodstagrammable menus, and anything pineapple-themed to increase