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Her grid is goals!
Hello, and welcome back to another entry in our #aesthetic Instagram guide! Previously, we decoded Miles Ocampo's feed to figure out the elements and filters she uses to create a pretty grid. Today, we will be discussing Rhen Escaño&#
BRB, we're taking down notes.
Here at Cosmo, we know how much you guys love all things Instagram-worthy. ICYMI, we recently started a new series where we *decode* the grids of your favorite celebs + influencers and show how you can recreate the same vibe for your
Time to take down notes.
Hello there! ICYDK, we have an ongoing series dedicated to ~decoding~ the Insta feeds of celebrities and influencers-this includes trying to figure out the filters and poses they utilize the most. So far, we've featured Nadine Lustre, Julia Barretto,
So, so pretty.
Hello there! ICYDK, we have an ongoing ~series~ here at where we help you figure out the exact poses, filters, and elements that your fave celebs and influencers use so you can recreate the same vibe for your Instagram! Previously,
We're *obsessed* with her well-curated grid!
Here at, we have a ~series~ where we try to decode the aesthetic Instagram feeds of celebs and influencers. Previously, we've written about the profiles of Nadine Lustre, Julia Barretto, and Elisse Joson. For today, we'll
For the 'gram.
In case you haven't noticed, we've been busy creating guides to help you create an aesthetic Instagram feed. From filters to poses, we've got it all covered. We even have a set of instructions prepared for
Save these!
Film cameras are cool and fun to have, but most of the time, you gotta spend extra money on them. There's buying the camera itself, ordering rolls of film, and paying a separate expense for you to get the pics
Think dELiA*s fashion catalog, but make it 2021!
We don't know about you. but we're so glad that Y2K trends are becoming ~fashionable~ again. From clay rings to chunky sandals and beaded accessories, we're pumped that the style of the early aughts is making
Time to take down some notes!
Hello there! Here's a fact: You can always count on us to help you improve your Instagram feed. From ways to look more photogenic, how to pose properly in your ~thirst trap~ pics, and what caption you should use when
BRB, saving them all.
Whenever I post on Instagram stories, I always think about how I can make my content look a bit more ~aesthetic~. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally not against #nofilter photos, boomerangs, or videos but I gotta admit
Because sometimes, four (or more) pics are always better than one.
Do you also have those days when you take selfies and you can't seem to choose which photo to share 'cause they're all *too good* not to post? Yup, been there! But the good thing here is
Just so that it's not all fire or peach emojis.
So we already shared how to take low-key sexy pics for your Instagram, and we also showed you pegs on how to pose for them. Now that you got your perfect thirst trap pic, it's time for the *exciting*
Recreate the same vibe for your Insta!
When it comes to aesthetic Instagram feeds, nothing comes close to Nadine Lustre's grid. She just knows how to curate and edit photos that look seamlessly coherent-even her sponsored posts don't look out of place! If you&#
Feelin' cute? Don't delete.
Out of all the social media apps I've ever used, Instagram would have to be my favorite. As someone who loves to take photos and videos, there's just so many fun things you can do on the platform!
Feed inspo!
When it comes to posting on Instagram, know that you're not limited to just posting pictures of your face, OOTD, or the scenery. You can ~manipulate~ certain elements and objects to make your feed look a lot more interesting! Case
Memories, memories.
Traveling, dining out, and partying are simply memories stuck in our heads and our phones' camera roll. We totally understand if you always have the urge to post throwback pics on your IG to relive these moments. Gone are the days
Subtle, subtle, subtle.
There are days when you're not 100 percent feeling it when you pose for an Instagram pic. Sometimes, you become self-conscious, especially when you want the picture to look perfect. To help you ace that photo, here are some
It's super easy!
You know that feeling when you can't decide which photo to post on Instagram? Well, celebs and influencers have found a fix-by doing it photo booth style! Instead of choosing just one, you can upload four or more snaps
All you need is your phone!
Be the CEO of cool Instagram posts by learning these photo-editing tricks! The best part? You don't a fancy PC or Photoshop skills-all you need is your phone and a bit of patience. Below, we've listed
One app is apparently super popular!
Getting the money shot for Instagram doesn't end at the click of your camera. Oftentimes, the glossy (or grainy) aesthetic images you find on your feed take a bit more dressing up before it's ready to earn your