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He's also unfollowed her on IG.
Tom Rodriguez has officially ended his Instagram hiatus, but his latest uploads have been a hot topic among his concerned fans.Recently, Tom posted not one but *two* cryptic posts, fueling speculation.First, he shared a photo of hands breaking free from
Seungri has been sentenced to 18 months in prison.
Former BIGBANG member Seungri is officially banned from Instagram.According to a SBS Star report, the social media platform removed Seungri's account following the Supreme Court's May 26 confirmation of his 18-month prison sentence. ICYDK, Instagram does
If your pics don’t make them insanely jealous, these will.
I get it, you're on vacation. Good for you. While I am genuinely happy for ya (mean it!), I'm here to tell you that your gorgeous travel pics could be so much less annoying more enticing if they were accompanied
No trace.
If you're looking for updates from Tom Rodriguez, you won't be able to see any for a while. That's because it appears the actor has already deleted his Instagram account.This is what you'll
We're definitely taking notes!
When Lorin Gutierrez isn't posing up a storm in her early aughts-inspired OOTDs, you can often catch her wearing a swimsuit or bikini-whether she's in or out of the water. ICYDK, she's currently pursuing
He's a fan of our golden maknae!
Calling all ARMY: Our golden maknae Jungkook will be mentioned in an episode of Business Proposal, according to director Park Seon Ho!It all started when the BTS member asked, "What should I do now?" on his Instagram stories and he interacted
The model said that she's now scared to even go for a walk.
Allissa Shin has been receiving threats because of her strong resemblance to BLACKPINK's Rosé. On her IG stories, the Korean-American model and Instagram influencer posted a series of screenshots that showed how someone demanded a young girl to hurt
Our best girl called Yoongi her 'twin,' huhu.
Happy birthday, our Min Yoongi (or Suga)! BTS' resident rapper just turned 29 years old (international age) and his celebrity friends have greeted him on social media. Our favorite one so far? Halsey's heartwarming Instagram post.ICYDK, the American
Time to step up your IG game!
Trying to level up your Instagram game? There's no better place to look than Rei Germar's feed. The 25-year-old content creator is always posing snaps of her photoshoots on IG, and they're definitely great
The comment was 'You are [a] cheater.'
Did Carla Abellana just hint at a third party amid rumors that she and her husband Tom Rodriguez have broken up?The actress reportedly liked a comment left by a netizen on one of Tom's Instagram posts, wherein he was
She thinks it's a 'skillful move', however, if one is 'playing a spiteful game.'
Carla Abellana just shared with her followers the steps to remove followers on Instagram."Hello, everyone!" the actress wrote in an IG Story. "I just needed to inform you all about a feature on Instagram so that you're all enlightened.""
We can't believe we didn't see it sooner!
ICYMI: Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are getting married next month! The couple shared the good news via Instagram on February 10 but it looks like our melodrama queen already gave a ~sign~ prior to their big reveal.Before we get
'Sensya na po, my deepest sympathy.'
Rufa Mae Quinto has issued an apology after mistakenly leaving a comment on a post about the late former Miss USA, Cheslie Kryst.The actress-comedienne commented, "Sana all" on a news website's IG post that featured Cheslie wearing a
Congratulations to our mom and dad!
Omo, we have *another* Korean celebrity couple who will tie the knot *soon*! It looks like K-pop idols HyunA and DAWN are now engaged as seen on their respective IG accounts.Last night, DAWN uploaded a photo and video of their
All of us are *in love* with them!
ICYMI, *everyone* is talking about All Of Us Are Dead right now! The Netflix original Korean series took the world by storm and made a strong debut on the global charts thanks to its refreshing take on the zombie genre. Set in
Yoon Chan Young, who plays Cheong San, messaged her previously, too!
You guys, another All Of Us Are Dead actor has noticed Francine Diaz!Ham Sung Min, who plays Han Gyeong Su, the best friend of Lee Cheong San (Yoon Chan Young) in the series, just followed Francine on IG. OMG!The 18-
Lucky girl!
You guys, Francine Diaz just received a virtual wave from All Of Us Are Dead star Yoon Chan Young. OMG!The 18-year-old actress took to IG Stories to share proof of Chan Young's message, which she reacted to
She was under fire for allegedly wearing fake goods from Chanel and other luxury brands.
It's been a rollercoaster month for Song Ji Ah, the breakout star of the reality dating show Single's Inferno.From catapulting to social media fame thanks to her porcelain looks and charms, perceptions on the 24-year-old have quickly
They're set to tie the knot this month!
Cue the wedding bells: ICYMI, Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon are getting married before January ends! We just had a glimpse of their wedding invitation as posted on their friends' Instagram accounts and we are in love with its
Be still, our #HaeSoo hearts-Jung Hae In's latest IG post had us screaming, shouting, shaking, crying, sobbing, and punching the wall because of kilig!The actor recently took to Instagram where he uploaded a photo of a paper plane